sheep Yearly Chinese Horoscopes for 2021

Year of 2021

For Goat natives, the year of the metal Ox is your opposition year. Opposition years can be challenging, as the path is steeper and you have difficulty gaining traction. Fortunately, though, Goat natives are excellent climbers! The entire world is focused on your opposite sign of Ox, so it can feel like others are ignoring you. And since Goat natives are naturally social, this can bring some irritations. But on the other hand, with your practical sense and inner determination, you have a natural tendency to rise above adversity. Perseverance is the recipe for success this year.

There's quite a focus on relationships when you look for what you value in the other person. But you may be slow to move into a love relationship this year. In an Ox year, everyone moves a little more slowly—so you may hang back a little. You have opportunities to create really helpful business partnerships as well. There will be individuals who are ready to mentor you and give you a push up the ladder of success.

Around your home, there’s a lot of change energy. There could be construction, either in the home or in the surrounding neighborhood. You may get new neighbors. All of these changes could bring lots of noise and disrupt your usual peaceful dwelling. By the end of the year, some Goat natives could find an empty nest as children go off to college.

Imagination and artistic ability are very strong this year. You may find yourself teaching art or selling pieces of your work. There's a lot of positive energy around music as well.

The bright spot this year will be finances, with many opportunities to make up for the challenges of 2020. You have opportunities for both income derived from career and passive income sources. Money could be coming in from partnerships, as well as from your own business.

Overall, this Ox year is a slow and deliberate time. Activities like rock climbing which take lots of concentration, planning, and physical strength would be very good for you. They support the Goat native's desire to see the view from the top.

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