2016 Yearly Chinese Horoscope: dog


During the Year of the Monkey, your sign of the Dog's trademark loyalty may be tested. Since the Monkey brings so many new relationships, your marriage or committed union may have challenges, and possibly even your loyalty to your job. So much is changing this year that you may need to take some time out to make important decisions, without so many distractions. Though you prefer to be honest and trustworthy, some of the people around you may not always live up to this. It may be hard to keep forging ahead and being yourself, but you're more than up to it. Your money situation also changes for the better, thanks to some extra work opportunities that come to you. All in all, it's a great year filled with fun, socializing, and plenty of new friends to hang out with. Since Dogs hate being alone, this is close to your idea of heaven!
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When it comes to your career, you need something where you can either be the leader or the boss, or at least work for someone who has integrity. If you don't believe in what you're selling, it may be very difficult to stay where you are. If you're looking for new work during the Year of the Monkey, look to April, August, and September as the best months to make a change. Potential new employers are impressed with your resume, but you also go the extra mile in displaying your dedication. This trait can't be underestimated for you, and makes a huge difference to them. Those already in a career need to think about ways to broaden their influence with all the Monkey energy around this year. Attending networking events or scheduling dinner and drinks meetings after work will get your face in front of the people who matter. You'll find out about the best new positions opening up, and make some new friends and allies in the process. When it comes time to make a change in the future, you know several new friends who now have your back. Cash flows in February and March, when your good work is rewarded with a bonus or raise.


Your sign of the Dog is one of the best in love because of your loyal and steadfast nature. Far from boring, you're always up for a good time, and just want to see your partner happy. During the Year of the Monkey, those looking for new love have hit the jackpot. You're receiving so many invitations and attending so many fun events that you may need to try really hard to remember everyone's names. If you forget, don't worry about it. The energy is so relaxed, friendly, and playful this year that they'll forgive you anyway. The best months for meeting new dating partners are February, April, and May, which all have their share of exciting discoveries. Seeking someone who is intelligent and reserved? No problem. Someone a little sexier and sporty? You'll find them with ease. Stay a little grounded as you get to know each other, however, because more doesn't always equal better in relationships. Taking your time gives you both the respect you deserve. Those already coupled up find that May, June, and July are best for accepting any quirky habits your partner may have fallen into, and finding a loving way to talk about them. You've both got your issues, but use the summer months to relax and rediscover what made you fall in love all over again. It's a beautiful thing when you can still see all those beautiful qualities. Though you may both be distracted more than usual this year, you can always find time for one another if you make the effort.
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Since your sign of the Dog is pretty active, this year may prove to be especially fun for you. During the Year of the Monkey, you'll be busier than ever, exploring the world and finding ways to be curious and playful. This carries over to your health as well. Sometimes, you may take your good health for granted, and forget that your body can become tired or worn out. This year, it's imperative that you make time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate from to time, because in all that busyness you may simply forget. Dogs are known for eating nearly anything, but cleaning up your diet may make the difference in your health this year. Cutting down on sugar in favor of lean proteins and vegetables gives you more energy for all that socializing you'll be doing. Lastly, you'll need something to help reduce stress, such as yoga, meditation, or walking.


Dog natives need to accumulate wealth throughout their lives to take care of the entire clan, whether that's you and your family, a mate, or the family you choose. You tend to take on more than your share of the financial load. This year, during the Year of the Monkey, some of your expenses may grow due to your busyness. Making more money is possible in July and August, when you have a chance to secure a raise or take on a side job that brings in an extra stream of income. November also provides your sign with chances to build wealth through partnerships, whether you're investing together, buying shared property, or something else. It feels great to get those dividend checks in the mail, to spend or reinvest. If you choose to go into business for yourself, make sure to use all your talents to draw loyal investors to your side. You've put in a lot of work for others, and now it's time for you to get paid.
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