From zodiac signs to astrological transits, rituals to Tarot spreads, discover the innate power of the universe—and of yourself. Sky above, earth below, fire within.

Grounding Elements

Trust the Universe With Your Taurus Season Tarot Pull

From CBD to Forest Bathing, These Five Practical Wellness Trends Are on the Rise

Spirit Hacks: 6 Quick Ways to Cleanse Your Energy

This Is Your Sun Sign’s Twinning Tarot Card

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Many Moons

The Full Moon in Libra Calls for a Balanced Approach

Take Action With the New Moon in Aries

Clear Your Energetic Path With This New Moon Ritual

Thanks to Uranus, This New Moon in Taurus Is More Push Than Pause

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Stellar Guidance

Birth Charts for Beginners: Four Things You Need to Know

Last Week’s Black Hole Image Was Written in the Stars

Forget Your Sun Sign: Your Node Pairing Sheds Light on Your Life Path

Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius: A Time to Discover a Deeper Truth

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