Strengths: intuitive, even-tempered, gentle, faithful, compassionate, and clever
Weaknesses: pessimistic, insecure, vain, overly cautious, and finicky
Compatibility: Dog or Pig
Mixmatch: Rooster
Element: Wood
Yin or Yang: Yin
Years: 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011

Though Rabbit couldn’t swim, she was still able to finish the all-important race that secured her position in the zodiac. She came in fourth by jumping from stone to stone past mid-river, and then was lucky enough to find a floating log to ride to the opposite shore (with Dragon’s generous help, of course). Typical Rabbit – sizing up the situation and calmly making it work with a dose of good luck.

Many ancient Chinese tales connect Rabbit with the Moon. They say that when you look at the moon, you can see a Rabbit grinding with a mortar and pestle. In the Chinese tradition, the Rabbit in the moon is the companion to the woman in the moon, helping her grind the elixir of immortality.

Those born in a Rabbit year are assured good fortune, happiness, and longevity. They are even-tempered, gentle, faithful, compassionate, and clever – eschewing aggression and violence, particularly in public situations.

Rabbits can make friends with anyone as they are capable of astutely reading people and situations. They aim to maintain tranquility and balance at all times. Rabbits rarely act impulsively. They tend to be orderly and conservative. They’re known for their refined, artistic taste and elegant style in all areas of their lives. They love beautiful things but must beware of becoming acquisitive.

Because they may be prone to hide their true feelings and desires, choosing instead to fulfill societal or interpersonal expectations, Rabbits must be careful to nourish deep self-awareness and a sense of self-worth. They can also become pessimistic, insecure, vain, overly cautious, and finicky.