The Sky Today, May 27, 2022

At 12:55 a.m.: The moon is sextile Vesta

After midnight, the Taurus moon forms a sextile to Vesta, allowing us to intuitively connect with our higher purpose. We might find our calling through an art or musical practice, a spiritual study, or by cultivating a dream passion project. By serving something that is greater than ourselves, we become conduits for a cosmic message. The Taurus moon helps us grasp in logical terms how to make our vision a reality, defining the steps we must take to fulfill our desires. We might reflect on whether we are living by our value systems and ethics, if we are working in line with our principles, or how we are putting our resources to their greatest use. Feeling into the wisdom of our bodies helps us to manifest quickly, giving form to formless ideas. 

At 11:34 p.m.: The moon is conjunct Pallas

The rest of the day is exceedingly quiet—until just before midnight, when the moon and Pallas align in Taurus, helping us to strategize. We believe ourselves to be on a mission and want to achieve our goals with the least amount of conflict. The steps we take now are methodical ones. We seek to make the people who are at odds with us feel comfortable enough to let their guards down so we can make our case.  This is an interesting aspect because, although it is tactical, we are not adopting an aggressive or offensive approach. We intend to keep our plan close enough to the vest so that we don’t appear as a threat. Peace is our ultimate aim, and peace often must be demonstrated before it is accomplished. If we are navigating difficulties with friends, family, or colleagues, the best course of action is to hold our ground and express confidence in our choices to win hearts and minds. 

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