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Acting impulsively is not only okay today, it's highly encouraged! Caution has its place in your...

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Is someone in your life getting a bit too full of themselves? As much as you hate arrogance, you...

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Don't let your actions be dictated by others' expectations today. Do whatever you feel is the right...

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Your upcoming plans are causing you to get a bit distracted from your daily drudgery, which is to...

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You might be thrown into a situation that you feel you're not prepared for, but you are! Just relax...

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Any conversation you have with an authority figure should go very well, especially if you don't...

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You could get the inside scoop on some exciting news today, which means that you could be in a...

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The fastest way to build your self-confidence right now is to try something that you've never tried...

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A new job opportunity could come your way, so if you want to reach out and grab it, just go for it!...

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You have lived long enough to know that nothing—and no one—is perfect, so why are you holding...

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A recent compromise you made might appear to have been a mistake, but you should give it a little...

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Your latest health concern should be addressed sooner rather than later. Chances are it's caused...

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