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The Sky Today,
May 23

At 1:29 a.m.: Venus is conjunct Jupiter

In the predawn hours, Venus aligns with Jupiter on Taurus’ final degree. This transit fosters social harmony, inner peace, and luck in love. Opportunities to make money arise. An acquisition has unforeseen benefits. However, endings may feature alongside auspicious new beginnings. If you are someone who typically sells yourself short in relationships or settles in matters of the heart, the love you choose now can signal the conclusion of this problematic pattern. A closed chapter in romantic or financial matters facilitates positive outcomes. Indeed, a love affair that begins now may introduce your ideal match!

At 3:50 a.m.: Venus is sextile Neptune

This sentiment is further amplified by Venus and Neptune’s auspicious sextile that arrives two hours later. This influence inspires romantic fantasies. We might idealize a lover now but for the right reasons. Instead of succumbing to projections or delusions, we see the goodness in others because they are openly demonstrating it. Additionally, this will be an excellent day to lose ourselves in a creative activity. Venus-Neptune is especially beneficial for filmmakers, musicians, and painters who seek to express their passions through their craft.