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The Sky Today, May 14

At 03:51 AM: The moon is square Neptune, and the moon void of course begins

Before dawn, the Gemini moon creates a square to Neptune in Pisces, distorting reality. Interactions with others are confusing, and we are prone to forgetfulness. Words linger on the tip of our tongue, but we can only conjure up names, faces, and details in a vague way. Because our emotional equilibrium under the Gemini moon is dictated by our ability to access information and process it quickly, the moon-Neptune square can depress us. Luckily, this is a short-lived influence, however, after it perfects, the moon will begin its void of course, lasting much of the day. If you can, use this period for healthy forms of escapism. Watch that movie you’ve seen a million times. Read your favorite books and listen to your favorite music. Seek calming entertainment to distract from the false belief that you must be “on” all the time.

At 06:30 PM: The moon enters Cancer

Before nightfall, the moon enters Cancer, ending its void of course. After a frustrating and unnerving day, the energy shifts. And because we have spent this time doing what brings us comfort, the Cancer moon applauds us for our efforts, confirming that there is value in coming home to ourselves instead of constantly trying to externalize our perspective. Over the next two days, we are more focused on nourishing our relationships. Our feelings will also vacillate with the lunar tides, so give yourself permission to feel your feelings, no matter how tender they are.

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