The Sky Today, October 21, 2021

At 2:45 a.m.: The moon is square Saturn

In the pre-dawn hours, the Taurus moon forms a square to Saturn in Aquarius, which sees us waking up on the wrong side of the bed. This aspect inclines us towards moodiness. Perhaps we have unfinished work to attend to and want to pull the covers up over our heads, but the longer we do this, the more responsibilities will pile up and the more stress we will create for ourselves. The sooner we take care of business, the sooner we can chill out! It could be wise to incentivize ourselves to push through the morning by promising ourselves a reward upon completion of our business; something indulgent.

At 3:28 p.m.: The moon is conjunct Uranus

Mid-afternoon, the moon and Uranus align in Taurus, inspiring us to deviate from well-structured plans. In the scheme of the day, this influence helps to allay burdensome feelings stimulated by the morning’s moon-Saturn square. We are shocked out of a sullen mood, which shifts how engage with the day.  That being said, following our hunches now will produce mixed results. This aspect intends to provide a catalyst to change our behaviors, not to create conditions that will magically solve all of our problems. If we are struck with insight now which we believe to be a cure-all, we may be sorely mistaken.

Your Horoscope for Today

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a horoscope?

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A horoscope is a forecast crafted for each one of the twelve zodiac signs based on the position of the planets in the sky at any given time.

How do you read/interpret your horoscope?

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Since horoscopes are designed to be general and not personal, when reading a horoscope, one must take the energies at play as guidance and not something that is set in stone.

What are the origins of Astrology?

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Astrology was born in ancient Babylonia. It then spread to Egypt, the Mediterranean, and then to ancient Greece, where astrology transformed into its most modern expression.

Why is birth time important in Astrology?

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In astrology, the birth time defines the rising sign of each person, which not only represents their energetic imprint when they were born but also sets the tone for their overall chart.

Where do I start with horoscopes?

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When it comes to horoscopes, you should start reading the horoscope for your rising sign since those predictions will most likely be more accurate than your sun sign.

How does a daily horoscope work?

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A daily horoscope predicts the influence that the astrological weather has on each one of the twelve zodiac signs at any given day.

Should you read your horoscope in the morning or night?

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It’s usually advised to read our horoscope in the morning, right when we wake up, to get guidance on how our day might unfold.

How do zodiac signs affect personality?

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Zodiac signs affect personality in many ways. Unlike what’s believed, we all have ten zodiac signs, each of them relating to each one of the planets in the solar system.

Who invented horoscopes?

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Horoscopes were invented by newspapers and magazines to bring astrology to the masses. Horoscopes are the easiest way to interpret the influencing energies without doing a proper birth chart reading.