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Just because you have extremely positive feelings about someone doesn't mean everyone else does, so...

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Some exciting plans could be on your mind today, and they could be distracting you from some...

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If you've been struggling to make a decision or confused about which strategy to adopt, today is...

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Have you ever thought about how you come across to others? Image isn't something that should drive...

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Someone you care about could throw a wrench into your plans, and you'll have to do your best to...

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All you need to fulfill your next life goal—the missing link, if you will—is a person, and that...

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All relationships are unpredictable from time to time, but today one of your more confusing...

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You and a friend have opposing ideas about what to do, and the tension might be getting so hot that...

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You have a powerful person on your side, so be strategic about how you take advantage of their...

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Sensitivity could get in your way today. Dancing around the truth just so you won't hurt some...

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If you keep your head down today, how are you going to see the opportunities that are parading...

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Your personal problems aren't bugging you right now because you're probably much more distracted by...

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