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Right now, mulling over an intimidating idea is the same thing as procrastinating when making a...

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The fact that you will have a lot of high energy today will do more than fuel high productivity. It...

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Confusing memories could put a big crimp in your style today. Some stuff you remember as happening...

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If you are feeling like you want some time on your own, this is a good time to take it. Whether you...

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If you find yourself in a bit of a sticky situation today, just turn on your charm! Your wit is all...

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Pick the toughest, loftiest goal in your life, and spend all the time you can chipping away at it....

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When it comes right down to it, life is pretty much all about negotiation. You give a little, they...

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Save your high-minded idealism for another day. Today is all about basic efforts and humble results...

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Just because you want something doesn't mean you deserve to get it. Remember that when you see...

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You should think long and hard before you share any opinions today. There is a possibility that...

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Continued effort is required if you expect to get the attention you deserve from a certain person....

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Just because someone is out of sight doesn't mean they're out of mind. A former co-worker may...

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