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The Sky Today, April 13

At 6:18 a.m.: The moon is conjunct Uranus

Around dawn, the moon and Uranus align in Taurus, causing us to feel jittery or expectant. We may deviate from our routines and behave in ways that are out-of-character. Our instincts are a bit hit-or-miss here, which has less to do with the accuracy of our intuitive barometer and more to do with how receptive our environment is to our tactical one-eighty. For this reason, the moon-Uranus conjunction is a good influence for solo activities, especially if we find ourselves struck by inspiration, so we don’t become distracted by others’ judgements of our unorthodox or rebellious conduct.

At 7:27 a.m.: Mars is opposite Juno retrograde

Following this, Mars in Gemini opposes Juno, which just yesterday stationed retrograde in Sagittarius. This may be the first test of Juno’s backspin, which demands that we reevaluate our commitments and decide which relational contracts are and are not working for us. Naturally, Mars opposite Juno can lead to disputes and confrontations. Words might be said which we can’t take back, setting the course of Juno’s retrograde narrative. This transit urges us to vocalize our desires or deliberately state our peace, which doesn’t have to be vicious or mean-spirited. As usual, neither the Mars-Juno opposition, nor Juno’s retrograde station will break up healthy unions. Although a breakup may now be a natural consequence of two people with ideological differences moving in separate directions.

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