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It's one thing to keep your hopes high, it's quite another to be in complete denial as to what your...

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Hold onto your dreams and don't let go! You can't let anyone tell you that what you want won't ever...

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Today you will finally have the time you need to fully explore your feelings about someone. They've...

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Flipping a coin isn't the most sophisticated way of making a decision, but you've got to admit it...

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There are people who are planning something that you need to know about. It could be a party, it...

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It might sound impossible, but today your job is to analyze the unseen. You have all the clues and...

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Your business is your business, and their business is their business. Keep your nose out of what's...

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No matter how intense your emotions, you can handle them! Do not be afraid of what your heart is...

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The insight you've been taking from your dreams hasn't been much use to you lately, so it might be...

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Are you feeling like you're stuck in a rut? Don't look to other people to dig you out! You have all...

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You're an open person most of the time. You have nothing to hide, so why should you waste time...

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You'll have a fuzzy view of an issue today, but that might be for the best. Too many factors are...

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