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The Sky Today, March 9

At 5:23 AM: The moon is trine Mars

Around dawn, the Aquarius moon forms a harmonious trine to Mars in Gemini, making us outgoing and inquisitive. The ultimate consequence of this transit is to inspire cognizance that our personal experiences don’t always apply to our friends and peers—people have lived different lives, grown up in different economic situations, come from different familial, or ideological backgrounds. Engaging with people in a curious way gives us valuable perspective on how others define their place in the world, and clarifies how we can be more accountable for our assumptions. After all, accountability is a choice, often one of electing to actively hear rather than passively listen to others’ voices. Being inclusive does not mean speaking on behalf of others, and solidarity requires paying attention to how others ask for support and then showing up with enthusiasm.

At 1:42 PM: The moon is sextile Chiron & square Uranus 

The Aquarius moon creates a sextile to Chiron in Aries in the early afternoon, bestowing confidence. As adults, we are still unlearning the cruelty of youth, where the qualities which caused us to feel alienated or outcast, those factors exhibited as evidence of our weirdness, are now calling cards of our personality. What caused us stress in the past may now be the reason why people seek us out for our expertise and know-how. There are occasions when we still want to blend in with the crowd, but today is not a day where we are willing to downplay the fact that our individuality is a strength. Shortly following this, the moon squares off with Uranus in Taurus, stimulating disruption. This time can be better managed if we are flexible with our plans for the rest of the afternoon, as focusing too hard to routines can throw us off course. If we do get sidetracked, we should avoid trying to restart where we left off. Begin from where you find yourself at present and trust that there is a reason for the disturbance, even if you’re frustrated with an unexpected turn of events. Even when faced with anxiety-inducing curveballs, we always have a choice in how we react, and attitude is everything here.

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