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The Sky Today, June 14

At 12:27 PM: The moon is square Uranus & opposite Saturn

After noon, the Leo moon squares off with Uranus in Taurus, stimulating unease. We are primed to jump into something without proper preparation or safety nets, and while we might live for the drama under the Leo moon, situations can snowball out of control quickly, making for messy cleanup in their aftermath. Beware of making impulsive judgements or claiming credit for something which is not your own.  Thankfully, this influence is mitigated by the moon’s opposition to Saturn, exact just a minute later! Saturn reminds us that there are consequences to our actions, should we be moved to act out of line. Yet, how we handle the interplay of these two aspects depends largely on our disposition, as the confusing combination of liberating and repressive energies may create an environment where we feel almost dared to break through boundaries for the thrill: Not recommended. 

At 03:01 PM: Saturn is square Uranus

Mid-afternoon, Saturn and Uranus, both now in retrograde motion, form their second of 2021’s three squares. The Saturn-Uranus square is one of dynamic tension, and although it does, in the long-term, inspire wholesale change, the medicine of this transit lies in making small, measured adjustments to our circumstances over time, instead of discarding them wholesale out of frustration or anger.  Their first meeting on February 17 inspired us to set matters in motion that would emancipate us from stagnation and complacency. Perhaps it became clear that a job or relationship was limiting you in undesirable ways, yet there was still value in managing responsibilities, seeking negotiations or compromises, or completing work so as not to hurt those you care about in the process of divestment.  Now, with both planets in retrograde motion, we are allowed to reflect on changes made. What have we altered? What still requires fine-tuning and applied focus? We can now course-correct and rethink where our interests lie. The final square will perfect on December 24, completing the arc of this year-long narrative. Be sure to check your natal chart to determine which houses Saturn and Uranus are transiting through for additional insight.

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