2016 Yearly Chinese Horoscope: dragon


Dragon natives are known for their incredible energy and bravery. During this Year of the Monkey, you're making all kinds of positive changes in life, from your love and home lives to your work, personal purpose, and health. Since you normally get along with the Monkey, you understand that being around this energy requires patience, perseverance, and a good sense of humor. For you, it's a year of trying new things, from your fitness and nutrition to an exciting new travel destination. You may even find that you've developed a new skill, taste for a new kind of food, or even a desire to try something different in your career. So much is changing for you that the challenge may be to stay centered and grounded. You can be a little softhearted, given your intense personality, so don't allow others to push you off your path this year. What you have your eye on is much too important.
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In your career life, you may need to have center stage or a position of leadership to ensure that your ideas are heard and, most important, acted upon at work. When you don't get your way, you may tend to anger quickly, or even say something that doesn't work in your favor. This year, when the Monkey energy may get the best of you, it's more important than ever to watch what you say. Your career success depends on your ability to be clear and concise about your needs, especially around April and May, when new opportunities arise in your career sector. Use your natural enthusiasm to get a business venture off the ground in May and June, when the money's flowing around you. You have more than enough to get a prototype together to show to investors or potential customers. Those seeking work should prepare themselves for interest from more than one position during this time, too. But your salary and benefit package may not be all you hoped it would be. Don't be afraid to do a little negotiating for what you really want. It's possible to get closer to what you feel you deserve by standing firm. You're worth it!


When it comes to love and romance, your sign of the Dragon may seem all hotheaded and tough on the outside. But you're really a big softie inside, needing to give and receive love in equal measure. If you're looking for new love in your life, the Year of the Monkey provides numerous chances to put your best foot forward and meet someone new. It's a highly social year, with party invites arriving all the time. June and July are especially busy times in this area. Of course, you don't have to attend everything. But trying out a few new things may put you just enough outside your comfort zone that you're not focusing on how you come across. It's this innate charm and willingness to look a little silly that attracts people to your side this year. Those already in relationships find that not taking themselves too seriously staves off any serious conflict with their mate, even when things get tough. Finances and other ownership issues can get between you if you're not careful, especially around the end of summer and early fall. You don't have to always see eye to eye, but you do need to find compromise. Your independent streak means that you need to have some time alone this year to pursue a passion project. Make sure your mate doesn't take it personally. You're not trying to leave them out, but instead you're developing another aspect of you. This only makes you stronger and more directed within the union.
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Since your sign tends to live large, trying new things and being brave when it counts, you can also develop minor health problems if you're not careful. The Year of the Monkey indicates that it's more important than ever to pay attention. This means when you're exercising, just make sure you don't overdo it, or you could have an accident in dance class or with the free weights. The same goes for your diet. Paying attention means noticing what's going into your mouth. Mindful eating may be a great practice for your sign this year, to ensure that you're not being careless about nutrition. It's also important to pay attention when it comes to your regular checkups and routine tests. When you get stressed, you can overdo it -- in all areas. So make sure that you have a healthy way to blow off steam, and stay balanced and centered. Fall provides the perfect time to make adjustments in the area of health.


Your sign can be a little stubborn when it comes to wealth, which ends up being a good thing or a bad thing. February is a great time this year to build on your existing wealth, but make sure you don't inadvertently blow new opportunities by expressing unpopular opinions. In other words, you don't have to say everything that comes to mind. In fact, you probably shouldn't. Money comes from investing wisely and following your enthusiasm. What you're drawn to can end up bringing in an extra stream of income over time. If you like it, chances are others will as well. July is an excellent month for those seeking to establish more wealth, since it highlights saving and investing. Think outside the box like the Monkey would, and make sure to do your due diligence on anything you put your hard-earned cash into. Everyone may not share your honesty, so keep that in mind with your investments.
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