2015 Yearly Chinese Horoscope: dragon


Sheep style isn't likely to thrill the mighty Dragon. Still, you're looking at three months with lots of opportunities. But for most of the year, let's stop and think about this. How did last year go? Things move fast in a Horse year. Did you get caught up in a lot of stuff? If you're a typical Dragon, you sure did. So what's a smart Dragon to do now? Might we suggest a pause for a refresh? Here's some good news: In a Sheep year, it's okay to pamper yourself. Take some time off. Do what you have to do. And as for those good months, that's when you want to take care of the important stuff. But don't worry; you'll have lucky days in every month! Even so, this isn't the time to take a lot of risks, nor to trust in luck. You get the picture: Things could turn out well if you stick to the tried and true.


It's always good to take a breather between huge personal triumphs. It wouldn't serve you to lose perspective and take your good fortune for granted. Such is the year ahead! The Sheep is a Yin year, as opposed to Yang's no-holds-barred advancement. Pausing to prepare your next triumph is suggested. Brainstorm gatherings, refresher courses, library trips and spa treatments are all good uses of Sheep energy. Fond memories of Horse triumphs and dreams of Monkey mastery are excellent habits to indulge in this year. Journal and visualize legendary exploits. Think and grow rich. It'll be best to keep your engine on idle, though -- racing ahead is only fun 'til the wheels fly off. It's good to rest, now and then. Celebrate your leisure time, while you have the chance. This year you're gearing up to be next year's Lord of the Dance!


Ah, Dragon, you magical thing! The year ahead holds promise in the love department. It's not necessarily the year of the chase, but those relationships you already treasure stand every chance of growing sweeter. This is a time for stretching your feelings, using your agile imagination, and thinking in terms of contributing your magic to the lives of your precious loved ones. But new relationships aren't completely off the table! You may find love developing in the least likely of places. Just make your existing relationships a priority, even over career and other ambitions. And don't forget to compromise -- you're in for a pleasant surprise if you do.


In a Sheep year, with its Yin emphasis and slow progress for the Dragon, emotions may be running high. A focus on preemptive, internal health practices makes sense. Allowing last year's power gym membership to lapse is a good idea in the months ahead. Instead, restorative yoga, daily meditation, morning strolls and pedicures -- even for male Dragons -- are good medicine. This is a time for cultivating healthy emotional habits. When you feel anger approaching, count to 15 instead of ten. Eat miso soup more often than barbecue chicken pizza. Rather than sparring, take up tai chi. Zen koans and hearty laughter will serve you far better than action films and murder mysteries. Stop and smell the roses, Dragon. And speak softly! Your gentleness is a virtue this year.


The Spanish have a saying, 'ahorra dinero,' which means having money by saving. Where the year of the Horse was about upping the ante, financially, this year's wood aspect draws wealth from other pursuits. The richness in a Wood year comes from sunsets and laughter, as opposed to fine clothing and luxury automobiles. Therefore, it would be wise to keep your money in a safe place, and not spend too freely this year. Fine food is always desirable, and 2015 is the perfect year to improve your cooking and dinner hosting skills. Travel is likewise enjoyable. Local weeks here and there are indicated, instead of months in Vienna and Prague. If investing is irresistible, consult an experienced adviser at the very least. Remember to value what money can't buy: Sharing THAT this year will bring tears of joy to the eyes of your friends, and put you in excellent shape to reap rewards in 2015.

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