2016 Yearly Chinese Horoscope: horse


Your sign of the Horse has a great deal of energy. During the Year of the Monkey you're going to need every ounce of it, as changes come to nearly every aspect of your life. Like the Monkey, your sign is very popular and has a wide social network. This is going to come in handy, as new ideas take hold for you. You may find yourself diving into a serious charity project to help people around the world, or starting a new business to bring in more money and give you more time to spend with friends and family. Good thing your supporters always have your back. Your independent streak also gets heightened during the Year of the Monkey, and your normally hot-blooded temperament becomes a little more happy-go-lucky and playful with life. Romance, too, holds positive changes across the board as you enjoy dating and existing relationships. Have fun with it!
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Your career is always important to you as a Horse. You're just as good working with your hands as with your mind and other talents. During the Year of the Monkey, you're being asked to find the true meaning in your career, and begin to have a little more fun with it. If you're doing something you hate for a living, this year gives you the energy and impetus to get out of it and into something better. If you're doing something you like but feel a little stuck, the Year of the Monkey provides ways to get support from others in your workplace, and find work that challenges and excites you. It's not good enough anymore to just go through the motions at work. You need to connect to what you're doing, and feel like a productive member of a team. You can be very independent, so if you're craving work that's a little less structured, make your case to a superior around May through July. This time period begins to separate what you can do from those around you, and brings your work the positive attention it deserves. Show them what you're really capable of bringing to the table before you ask for the raise you've been coveting.


In love, the Horse can sometimes run very hot, as in hot and sexy or hot tempered and jealous. Other times, you're content to be on your own, doing your own thing until you meet the right person. During the Year of the Monkey, one thing's for sure: You're not going to be lonely. If you're looking for new love in your life, the months of April and May are your new best friends, as they bring a steady stream of amazing new people into your life. Work functions, parties, and gatherings with friends yield a great group of possible dating partners. Whether you're in the mood to get serious right away or date around a little before settling down, the spring and summer look especially fun. Horses who are already committed may find that they're feeling a tad disconnected around August, and need to talk to their significant others to make sure you're still both on the same page. It's not that you're fighting exactly, but you're not exactly pulling in the same direction, either. Talking it out means having to be vulnerable. But it also means that expressing your feelings can become a regular thing, to help stave off disagreements and resentment. If you want to take the extra step -- as a Horse native you probably do -- reconnect through something unexpected, like sailing lessons, hot air ballooning, or cooking classes. Exploring the unexpected together can prove to be hysterical and romantic for both of you.
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Horse natives can be incredibly strong, especially when it comes to health and fitness. This year, with all the excitable Monkey energy, you may need to be a little extra careful to avoid injuries. For example, boot camps are probably not for you unless you enjoy having to sit out and heal from a twisted ankle or muscle cramps. Taking the extra effort to be safe while you exercise and eat preserves your health throughout the whole year. Sometimes, your sign can be headstrong. But following the advice of a doctor, healthcare practitioner, or even a trainer this year may end up making things a lot easier on you long-term. You don't need to be super tense about your health during the Year of the Monkey. Instead, this year will be about being healthy, but also having fun in the process. Find something you really like to do and watch how it instantly brightens your mood.


Wealth for your sign is another way to have freedom and independence from everything you don't want to do. Your sign is normally good with money, putting some away for the future while spending some now for fun. During the Year of the Monkey, however, you'll need to exercise a little more self-control, especially when it comes to spending on a relationship. Whether you're newly dating or in an established couple, the temptation is there to spend lavishly during July and August. Try not to do this out of wanting to impress anyone. Chances are it would backfire anyway. You can have just as a good a time spending less. October is a great time for making more money, and putting a little aside. You can be very wise when you want to be. Relying on that quality now is really going to help. December also offers a chance to bring in a second stream of temporary income if you're short on cash.
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