2015 Yearly Chinese Horoscope: horse


It's a curious thing: Horse style is nothing like yours. And it's in charge this year. But, life looks rosy indeed - 12 out of 12 when it comes to favorable months. Now that's cause for celebration! Did you know that the Horse is soul mate to the Horse in Chinese Astrology? So don't be surprised at the 74 percent rating. But let's step back for a minute: You just had your year - fast paced, a lot going on. Did you get caught up in everything? Stretch yourself too thin? You did if you're a normal Horse! So you know what that means; it's time to take it easy and recharge the batteries. Actually, that's what the Horse is all about. Go ahead and pamper yourself - guilt free! You've earned it. Take care of number one. Then again, you still want to charge ahead during the many, lucky days you're about to have. You're going to have a great year!


Slow down? Who needs to slow down? Not you, Horse, though you're certainly allowed. 'Con ganas' is a Spanish expression, meaning 'with gusto.' And what strides you've been making! Even still, relentlessness might dull the luster of success, so don't forget to unwind now and then. Yet whatever you've been doing, you're clearly doing it right. Keep at it, with gusto! Make that pitch. Go for that promotion. Restructure the whole shebang if it's warranted. You can scarcely fail, especially if you keep in mind that this is a Yin year, not like last year's Yang. You'll do best by listening to your associates and bringing them into your confidence. You'll go faster on your own, but this is a year to go farther, and it takes a group mentality to achieve this.


Oh boy, have you got it made, in this most excellent of years! Picture yourself beneath a gold canopy sharing delicious grapes with your lover. Or a boat in a lazy river. Or better yet, racing dolphins together! Kisses sweeter than wine? Check. Levels of playful companionship, trust and intimacy beyond your wildest dreams? Double check. You're single? Not for long, darling. Get out there and crack wise, drop lines, charm honey from the bees. Gone are the days you were on your knees begging for romantic satisfaction. In this of all years, provided you're willing to share the experience, you'll be having a little less conversation, a little more action. Think in terms of what you can give, more than what you're gonna get. With this in mind, 2015 will be your loveliest year yet.


Early to bed and early to rise' never met a stallion like you. No need to play it safe and follow the rules right now. However, it would be helpful to emphasize preventative, internal health. You may be a hard charger, immune to darn near everything, but in a Horse year, with emotions running high around you, compassionate calmness will be highly valued. In addition to your normal, healthy methods of blowing off steam, you'd do well to strengthen the bond to your inner sage. Yoga, Meditation, spa treatments, morning strolls and pedicures -- even for male Horses -- are good medicine. As is simple comfort food: Less bacon and hot wings and more yogurt and apples, metaphorically, at lease. Ground your basic wholeness and confidence, your untarnished, authentic simplicity. Shine from that place, and light the way for those around you.


Just because you've got it SO made, young filly, is no reason to be flashy .... Oh, go ahead. You've certainly earned it! Wear bespoke suits with a gold Rolex, if it pleases you. Buy that Maserati or trade up to a bigger yacht. Or pamper yourself like never before: fine linens, long naps and vintage schnapps. Don't forget to cultivate the wealth that money can't buy, though: Good friends, solid health, fond memories and knowledge. While you're bagging one brass ring after another this year, see if you can't read astonishing books, or better yet, write one. Make time to take an amazing class. Or teach one. See if you can't improve your value as a partner/mentor/citizen. No doubt the view's divine from your penthouse in Lake Geneva. How long's the distance between your heart and theirs? That's worth shortening, friend. Then everything will BE rather than seem richer. Then everything will be fuller -- even your glass of wine.

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