2015 Yearly Chinese Horoscope: ox


It happens. Every 12 years the Sheep comes around, but it's not the end of the world! You'll even have two favorable months. Here's how you need to see your situation: Last year was likely to be a really hectic one, with lots of stuff happening, no time to rest and maybe some confusion. Well, the Sheep says slow down, and that could be just what you need. So, why do you have a low rating this year? Well, feelings might run high - sometimes the Sheep gets kinda whiny! Don't be surprised if it seems everyone around you keeps losing it. That doesn't mean you have to do it, too. And maybe being super understanding isn't exactly your thing, but a little tenderness and concern for others will go a long way in the coming months. It probably wouldn't hurt to do the touchy-feely thing once in a while. Can't hurt to give it a try!


Into every Ox's life a little Sheep must fall. The combination of Ox and Sheep invariably makes a barn stall. It's not that your career's at a standstill, you gorgeous brute! It's just that you can barely move. Okay! Okay. You're right. This is no time for mirth. Except, of course, that laughter's the best medicine when you're all hemmed in. Your sense of humor can at least not be chained. Don't let 'em see you sweat, my friend. 2015 is a good time for honing patience, and resisting the urge to complain. However far you came in 2014, you still made gains, so take pride in those. Paint the walls surrounding you with visions of grandeur. Think outside the barn! Without forgetting its solidity, of course. Remember: Change is inevitable. Growth continues, walls or none, so research and carefully plan your next, subtle moves. And accept the temporary suspension of your assault on whatever throne. You'll have your chance -- next year.


Your forecast is rocky in love this year. You'll be navigating rough seas, and rash behavior's not your friend. You're nothing if not steadfast, though, and you can ace this drill by offering your sensitive side. While others around you are getting all emotional and weepy, you'll come out smelling like a rose if you lend a sympathetic ear. Switch your my-way-or-the-highway emphasis to thoughtful, inclusive gestures in the months ahead. Your loved ones will be astonished and greatly appreciative. Single oxen will flourish romantically by training their thoughtfulness on themselves. Take yourself on play-dates accompanied by the impish elves of your own self-appreciation! Your grounded, self-caring will not go unrewarded.


Most Oxen believe that progress is measured by physical strength and sheer will. Stick-to-itiveness. Stay-the-courseness. That's Ox to a T. And that's bull -- at least in the year of the Sheep. This is no time for walking in your sleep. You'll fare well in the year 2015 by relaxing your grip and stretching into the unknown. Which in the case of your health means developing routines that give space to yourself. Yoga and meditation classes, spa treatments, morning or evening strolls ... these are the tonics you require. This is a time for cultivating healthy emotional habits: Count to 20 should anger arise. Consider having yogurt for breakfast instead of eggs benedict. Let your earthy nature nurture rather than smolder. Metaphysical poetry and hearty laughter are better medicine than rocks. Stop and smell the aromatherapy, Ox! And speak softly -- your patience is a virtue this year.


In 1978, the immortal Ian Gomm released the theme song for your financial forecast this year: 'You better hold on, hold on, hold on to what you got.' Was he ahead of his time or what? If you want to remain in the black, Ox, heed the man's advice. If you're like most oxen, you'd rather not have any wool pulled over your eyes, but with the Sheep in charge, it's nearly all wool, all the time. Your Chinese fortune cookie this year says, 'Change is inevitable, except from vending machines.' Major acquisitions and risky investments would be poor choices for you at this time. Since frugality's your strong suit already, go for what you know. Breathe deeply, tighten your belt and hold on.

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