2016 Yearly Chinese Horoscope: pig


Your sign of the Pig is known for your courage, fortitude, and loyalty, and you're going to need all three when it comes to the Year of the Monkey. While you try to shore up existing jobs, partnerships, and health issues, the Monkey wants to distract you and pull you out of your comfort zone. The Monkey would much rather be playful and silly than doing boring old work. But your sign needs to be reliable, so the challenge this year will be balancing your need to have fun and be happy-go-lucky with your need to focus on your life's bigger changes. Transformation is not only possible in many areas this year, it's almost certain. From work and money to love, romance, marriage, and health, it's all on the table under the Year of the Monkey. Setting your intentions early in the year helps you stay grounded and centered to achieve your goals. Your sign wouldn't have it any other way.
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When it comes to your working life, you like to keep it classy, yet strive for your larger goals and dreams. Working for an honest boss and company is imperative for your sign, or you feel that your hard work is for nothing. This year, as the social and playful aspects of the Monkey come into your life, you may not be able to pretend anymore if your work isn't fulfilling you. Those seeking new work should look to July and August as fruitful times to send out resumes, go on interviews, and impress employers. These months also support networking in formal groups, or through your network of friends, who are only too happy to help you move on. Like the Monkey, you come up with a clever solution to any work problem you face. Those already involved in their careers can also take a page from the Monkey, trying to find ways to make work more enjoyable or meaningful. This may mean taking more challenging projects, or proving to the boss that you're up for more responsibility. Money comes when you ask for what you want, especially a new position or salary. Your forceful nature helps to sell your skills and abilities.


Your sign of the Pig may be the most chivalrous sign of all. No matter what your gender is, you want to behave in an elegant way in your love life. During the Year of the Monkey, this may be tested in matters of the heart. You like to be calm, cool, and collected, and the Monkey like things a little wild and playful. Those in the market for new love may find that they need to lighten up a little to get dating partners to truly relate to them. Of course it's important to be honest, but you don't have to call out your date's every flaw while you're out together. Learning how to ebb and flow with the conversation, as well as the pace of your relationship, is key this year, especially during love's "high season" of June and July. Those already in a relationship may find that fall provides the perfect moment to make things a little deeper between you. If it's time to move in together, get engaged, or walk down the aisle, you've come a long way together, and should be proud. The Year of the Monkey provides an even more playful way to strengthen your love. Just being silly together dispels any tension built up around making such a big life step, and brings you closer together. Even if you have wildly differing money-managing and spending styles, the months of September and October provide a way to find compromise and ease into trusting one another with your shared funds.
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Your sign of the Pig can sometimes be hard-charging in whatever you do, going at it with a "no mercy" attitude. But this can sometimes be tough on your health. During the Year of the Monkey, you're going to be really busy, and can't really go at every aspect of your life with every ounce of your energy or you'll burn out by June or July. The key to managing this year with your health intact is choosing your battles. You may love to work out for two hours a day at a furious pace, but working out moderately for 30-45 minutes may have to suffice sometimes. This will cut down on your risk of injury, too, while diminishing soreness after workouts. Incorporating periods of rest and downtime are also imperative. Even if it's a five-minute nap in your chair at work, finding ways to release stress helps you recover for the next wave of busyness.


Wealth is important to your sign for a few reasons. You're not a stickler for intense comfort, but don't mind the finer things in life, either. It's your generous nature that requires cash on hand. You're the one everyone hits up when they need to borrow money, or require a co-signer on a lease. During the Year of the Monkey, you may feel even more generous, and that your good fortune needs to be shared with others. June through September provide many opportunities to bring in more money, from dividends received from an investment to a tax refund or side business. During the fall months, you're priming for a new chapter in your money life, stepping up your investing, and shoring up any debt you're carrying and making sure your retirement account is regularly fed. Once you have this in place, you can truly relax and have a good time. The Monkey insists that you spend some of your wealth on travel, massages, and some impulse purchases that just make you happy.
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