2015 Yearly Chinese Horoscope: pig


Whoopie! Sheep's in charge. Did you see that eighty percent? Well it happens to be the highest rating for any sign this year. You have a whopping 12 favorable months! Not even the Snake is likely to drag you down. So get with it - this is your time! Thinking about making any big changes to your life? You've got the green light. Only one word of caution - you don't want to spoil a good thing. Be careful about letting your emotions get the best of you. It wouldn't hurt to get an outside opinion before you make any big leaps. Good luck (as if you need any more this year)!


All that glitters is gold. And you are glittering. Ready to wake up each day with a smile on your face? Think dream job. The odds are in your favor. You're likely to hit the perfect combo of a fulfilling career plus a steady flow of cash this year. Did we say steady flow? We meant more of a robust gushing. So tell us what you want, what you really, really want. This is the time to get your wish factory humming. Do you desire your name in lights? An overdue promotion? Perhaps you've been toying with the idea of starting your own business. The resources are there if you look for them. Still, let's temper those desires with a touch of practicality. Getting grounded and some advice from a trusted colleague should help you find true aim. Then it's ready, set, go! If there was ever a year to take a leap of faith, it's this one.


Ah, l'amour. Bask in it, dear Pig. Love is ready to blossom in so many places and in so many ways. New love. Old love. Old love that feels like new love. Cue the twittering birds and fluffy bunnies. Sound too good to be true? With proper care this garden's bound to flourish. Remember the friends and family who've supported you through thick and thin? How about sharing your tender loving care with them? There's plenty of it to go around. Friendships may deepen. Family ties could strengthen in unexpected ways. And, of course, there's Romance: A walk beneath the stars, an evening by the fire, a picnic by the lake. How are those rose colored glasses treatin' you? Go ahead and get used to them. What might've felt cheesy before gets Sheep's seal of approval this year -- especially when you're the one orchestrating.


Why Pig, it sure looks like you're glowing. Who wouldn't be, in such a favorable year? You might find you're more open to new paths of wellness. Especially once you see the results. Maybe it's a new found love of yoga. Or even dance. Look at you with a graceful spring in your step! Feeling extra energized by all your good fortune? Why not take advantage of it? An early morning meditation could become your secret weapon for a kick-ass day. After day. After day. Remember that one note of caution, though? Emotions might get the better of you at times. An occasional heart to heart could do you good. It won't hurt to keep a couple tried and true friends on speed dial. They'll have you back on your merry way in no time. I suspect no one does happy like you. And happy goes a long way to healthy.


Cha-ching! Word is you've got the Midas touch. Think you deserve a raise? Your boss most likely agrees. Got a hunch on an investment? If the research adds up, go for it. Winning, saving or earning -- it's all amounting to extra cash in your pocket. Good thing. The urge to splurge is catching this year, but you're a sensible Pig, so don't worry. You've got your finances in order, right? Then there's no harm in enjoying your money. You've worked hard to earn it. Don't you love when due diligence pays off? So will it be the house on the hill? Can you imagine a day on the water in your very own boat? You probably appreciate the finer things in life. Fine wine, artisan chocolates, a world class concert. Enough with the window-shopping: Here's your chance to indulge.

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