2016 Yearly Chinese Horoscope: rooster


Your sign of the Rooster is known for its ability to think and use its talents to get things done. After all, you're one of the go-getter signs of the Zodiac! During the Year of the Monkey, you may need to go beyond what you normally accomplish to push your limits and see what you can do in love, money, work, and health matters. You can be very hard on yourself if you don't achieve your goals, and may not entirely understand Monkey energy. But this year, you're being asked to drop any need to control the outcome of events and simply have more fun. This new playful attitude can help you attract a new mate if you're looking for love, or even serendipitously attract a new job, raise, or promotion. So much depends on your ability to throw caution to the wind -- within reason -- this year. Be like the Monkey and swing through life as if bananas are around every corner for you to snatch!
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On the career front, Roosters can sometimes be their own worst enemies. Your sign is so deep sometimes that it becomes attached to the way things should be. However, life on the job is often not like that. So during the Year of the Monkey, your challenge is to look inside and ask yourself if you genuinely like what you're doing for a living. If the answer is no, it's time to put some energy into changing that situation. People looking for work find greatest success around April and May, when complete strangers may come to you with interesting new opportunities, and friends deliver new contacts looking to hire. Those who've already found their career should take care to keep their jobs. Some turmoil in your workplace may affect those around you. But if you're careful, you can hold on to your position with diplomacy and networking. Gaining the attention of your superior helps you rise through the ranks once your work is noticed and awarded its due. Money follows when you show what a team player you are, and what you're willing to do for the company. October is a great month to ask for top projects. You should get them thanks to all the work you put in.


During the Year of the Monkey, your sign of the Rooster has much to learn from love and romance. Those looking for new love may have felt frustrated and confused by a lack of good people to date in recent years. But this year, you're meeting so many new people that the challenge may become sorting out the ones you like from the ones who completely rock your world! September and October present several opportunities to combine business with pleasure, and you may find that someone you didn't know well from the office can become more than a friend. Those in relationships may need to hit the pause button until you talk about a difficult topic. No one really wants to bring it up, but it has to be said. Once you bring it up (the best times are in April and May), you'll immediately start to feel lighter and freer. When you find common ground in communication, you can make it work. September also calls on couples to reduce the amount of time they spend on frivolous things. One meaningful night where you're both truly engaged is better than a million dates where you're going through the motions. The Year of the Monkey asks that, despite all the distractions around you, you learn how to put each other first and focus on making a happy life together. October and November offer chances to reconnect and revive what you have together before the busyness of the holidays. Don't forget that you're both in this together.
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It's said that your sign can be selfish sometimes, refusing to see others' points of view. During the Year of the Monkey, this trait comes in handy. It's a busy and social year, with tons to distract you from your healthy practices. Exercising may take a back seat, and your diet may range from salads one day to pizza and burgers the next, especially if you're in a hurry. In order to keep yourself healthy, this year asks that you establish a firm schedule, choosing a form of exercise you like so you'll stick to it. April is a great month to get started with something new and exciting, like hiking, dancing, or something else fun and active. In October and November, you'll find more energy for taking on work projects, which can actually lead to a better diet and sleep because you feel so fulfilled. One trick is to keep healthy snacks in your bag so you won't be tempted to eat unhealthy foods.


Though your fortunes can swing from high to low and back again throughout your lifetime, you have your eyes on the prize this year. During the Year of the Monkey, the best thing is that so many opportunities come your way. You may need to set aside some time to sort through possible job leads, explore investments, or even think about starting your own business. Your talents extend to anything you set your mind to. This year, if you can finally put some money aside for the future, you should brush up on the types of investments available to you. You may find that you're good at it right off the bat! Money also comes in March, when you find that someone at another company has their eye on all the great work you've been doing. You may find that they'd love you to come work for them -- for a better salary and perks!
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