2015 Yearly Chinese Horoscope: rooster


Hmm... only two favorable months this year? You know what that means! In a word: Focus. Now say: "I'm going to have a good year." How, you ask? Zero in on your good months and days. That's when you want to do the big stuff. Everyone has times when luck's not on their side. Okay - so you're not going to Las Vegas this year. That's not the end of the world! Can you make your own breaks? Sure you can! You're a plucky Rooster, right? And you probably have good organization skills. Start marking your calendar now - you'll easily succeed.


Chances are you're the one with the all the best ideas at work. Creative thinker, check. Problem solver, check. Great. You got this. By this I mean the dexterity for working with all kinds of people. Yes, even the demanding ones. I know you can. You'll likely be called on to flex this muscle as those around you suddenly seem to have traded their common sense for the 'f' word: Feelings. Our hearts are at the forefront this year -- should an overly anxious colleague ruffle your feathers, it'll help to keep this in mind. How about this: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Or, at least, meet 'em half way. Balance is key. Besides, by letting a co-worker vent or even cry on your shoulder, you could be cementing a profitable partnership. Ten to one, your colleagues will love seeing your compassionate side.


So you're all geared up and ready for love. And then you see your rating. Rating, shmating! One little number isn't about to deter you from romance -- you actually thrive on the thrill of surmounting insurmountable challenges. Your dashing smile and sparkling style can be magnetic. But that's not news to you. Remember that 'f' word? Mmmm hmmm. It's all fun and games 'til someone's toes get stepped on. Most likely there will be plenty of opportunities this year to exercise some tact. It's not that you can't be honest. Most of the time you're just trying to be helpful, right? But why not try a little tenderness while you're at it. You'll catch more flies with honey. You have your ways!


Does it seem like you're the only sane one around here? No, there's nothing in the water, the Sheep just has that effect. Your practical mind might feel at odds with the warm fuzzies being bandied about. To each their own, right? The trick this year will be keeping your head straight in a whirl of emotions. Meditation could be your best friend -- a practice that's been around for thousands of years must have something to offer. Just a thought for when you want to regain your mental balance. Speaking of balance, you can also apply it to the kitchen. This year why not nourish yourself while treating your palate? You could mix in something new with the tried and true. Maybe try some comfort foods with a healthy twist. Notice a pattern? It's all about counterpoints. Mmmm. Ohm. Repeat.


Already thinking up ways to financially prepare for the year? Excellent. Let's see your resourcefulness in action. There's pinching pennies and then there's simply living within your means -- which is all you really need, right? If you take a look around, you'll probably see that you already have plenty to work with. So why buy more? You could rearrange some furniture for a fresh new look. Repurposing is a plus for the planet. Or streamline and simplify. Stuff you're ready to let go of could earn you bucks on consignment. When's the last time you emptied the junk drawer? Cleaned out the closets? Ahhhh. Doesn't the extra space feel good? So does the cash you saved. So it's not the year to take risks with your money. There's nothing wrong with that. No doubt you can think of other ways to get your thrill on.

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