2015 Yearly Chinese Horoscope: sheep


We know, we know. It's your year, so why can we rate this year at only sixty six percent? First, let's be clear that there's no grade inflation in Chinese Astrology. Sixty six percent is a very good grade. Let's look at all the favorable months - nine of 'em! Looks like plenty of good times to us. No need to fret over one unfavorable one. Speaking of fretting, there is one thing to watch out for in the coming months: Feelings. Emotions run high in a Sheep year. But we probably don't need to tell you that! Generally, they serve you well. But you know the old saying about too much of a good thing? A word to the wise: Self-control wins the day. And as for other people, pay attention to their feelings. You're probably good with the touchy-feely approach and that will get you a long way this year. People are going to need the comfort you can give, so you might as well play to your strength and do it. It'll only contribute to your success.


When it comes to your career, Sheep, taking care of yourself in the work place is top priority this year. Why not get creative about ways to make work less work-ish? Don't shirk any of your duties, but maybe you can find some ways to get out of your head every now and again. Keep a few snacks on hand, breathe deeply and remember: Even if you have that big report to finish, quittin' time means going home! Not only will you be less stressed, but you'll find it's easier to key into what others need by taking better care of yourself. Take two minutes for a real conversation with the person in the next cubicle. Did their in-laws finally end their endless visit? How was that hike they took over the weekend? A little empathy will go a long way, and you might make new friends and some lucrative connections.


The Sheep is practically designed for relationships. Your trusting heart and herd instincts are the most evolved of all signs. This bonds you closely in the best of times, and make no mistake, these are pretty good times! Share and trust. Hold nothing back, and reap love's rewards. Bask in the admiration and appreciation of those you hold most dear. Just thicken your skin a little, huh? Not everyone has your capacity for intimacy, and this won't diminish you at all. Remember: Loneliness is merely a measuring device that indicates how human you are ... and being human is amazing! When in doubt, love more, love often and love responsibly. Think not of your reward, but of your offering. Hone your empathy and compassion because your loved ones will need your loving support this year. And you feel amazing when others need you!


Your good health will continue this year, refined by commitment to your present routine. Whatever you've been doing, you're doing right, though fine-tuning it doesn't hurt. In a year where emotions are sure to run high, placing emphasis on stress reduction is a good bet. Think simple: Daily meditation -- morning or evening -- restorative yoga, spa treatments and leisurely strolls are good preventative medicine. 'Earth' foods and activities (such as potato salad at picnics) with their calming effect, as opposed to 'Fire' excitement (tequila and hang-gliding), make good sense for you this year. You'll want to stay sharp and conserve your strength, plus keep plenty on reserve. Your loved ones will be counting on your natural empathy. Paging Doctor Sheep: You'll flourish as you nourish!


When you're doing well, you're doing well. That's all. Prosperity is at hand, and for good reason: With your thoughtful approach to finances, very little is off limits this year. You're well positioned to splurge a little on home improvements, wardrobe enhancement or holiday travel, but don't overdo it. You know the drill: Prudence keeps soup in the kettle. And sharing the wealth of hugs and laughter is a sure recipe for prosperity! Investments are solid, interest peaks and you'll see an increase in all aspects of richness. To be on the safe side, though, consult trusted advisers in any matters of large investment. You're a fortunate Sheep! Keep your eyes on the prize and you're sure to revel in luxuries.

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