2016 Yearly Chinese Horoscope: sheep


Your sign of the Sheep is often shy and reserved at work and even in your closest relationships. During the Year of the Monkey, you find an inner reserve of confidence, and can come out of your shell a little more. You prefer to have one or two passions and go after them with your whole heart. This year presents many opportunities in that realm, from new job and career paths, relationships, friendships, and hobbies. All in all, it's an active year that has you socializing and meeting a whole new crowd. Not everyone will make the cut, since you have great wisdom and high standards, but the ones who do can become lifelong friends, mentors, or mates. Time to take a step up, challenge yourself, and see what you can do with a brand new kind of energy. The Monkey asks you to let down your guard and learn how to trust the Universe.
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Many Sheep natives choose creative careers, and prefer to express themselves with elegance. If you're working at something that doesn't inspire or challenge you, this is a great year to make the leap into something that does. The fall months, especially September and October, provide you with a chance to consolidate your finances and get a portfolio of wonderful work together. Though it may be daunting to present this to potential new clients and bosses, it's necessary to take this needed step up. People looking for new work should use their social networks to broaden the search. You don't have to be obvious about it at your current position, but many of your pals can connect you to the right people. Those ensconced in a job may be thinking about using social connections to make a few needed advancements. The Monkey brings a lot of new people into your life. If you want a mentor, for example, ask for it, and the Universe will provide! March and April are great months to get your performance review and negotiate for a higher salary or perks. April is also a good month to bring in more money on the side through something you love.


In love, your sign of the Sheep can be a little retiring, preferring partners like the Rabbit, Pig, and Horse, which tend to take the lead. But during the Year of the Monkey, it's all about becoming a little more outgoing, playful, and flirtatious. Those looking for love are advised to date around a little to see what's out there. You may come back with more than a few funny stories after a few dates. June is a wonderful month to look in a different area for possible dating prospects. For example, if you've been meeting people at bars and parties, maybe try a yoga class or book club. You may be surprised to find that there are many other people out there like you, who have quirky and varied interests. Don't rush things. The Monkey energy likes to be active, and may seem fast to you. But there's no use forcing anything. Sit back and have a good time, says the Year of the Monkey. Learn all there is to know about each other. Couples find all kinds of ways to extend their affection for one another in July and August, which offer chances for spontaneous road trips, sweet romantic dinners, and even larger life steps like moving in together, getting engaged, or even married. Give in to the larger mission this year -- to play and have fun -- and let go of worries about where things may be headed. The Monkey doesn't have time to think about tomorrow and just for this year, you shouldn't either when it comes to love.
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Though your sign of the Sheep can often be quiet and gentle, which means you don't get too worked up or stressed out, you can also be a bit of a hypochondriac, believing you have every new disease you read about. All throughout the Year of the Monkey, it's a much more energized year for you, which supports all kinds of positive health changes. The Sheep may need to be brought out of its shell this year, to try a new kind of fitness that's fun, group-oriented, and very motivating. This may range from dance classes or Crossfit, which earn you a few workout buddies. Even walking or hiking clubs may introduce you to some interesting new folks. Pick something you'll stick with regardless. Diet-wise, it's not about cutting calories but about eating foods that offer the highest nutrition, minus extra salt, processing, and sugar. Your sign needs plenty of green vegetables and lean proteins, alongside adequate water and sleep. You'll be ready to play in no time!


Though your sign isn't greedy, you like to have material comforts in your life, and prefer not to worry about subsistence living. During the Year of the Monkey, you have many opportunities -- some may say too many -- and the challenge may be to focus and discern which ones are best for you. These may be projects that come to you to earn more money, new jobs or freelance positions, or even ways you can partner with other people to mutually benefit one another. The same quality of playfulness should pervade your money life, while you save some of your hard-earned cash for the future, but also set aside a small fund for having fun. The irony is that when you're least looking for it, an amazing opportunity may drop into your lap. April, June, and July are the best months for making more money and putting it to work for you. Don't forget to enjoy the fruits of your labors!
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