2016 Yearly Chinese Horoscope: snake


During the Year of the Monkey, your sign of the Snake is ready to shed even more skin, literally and metaphorically. You tend to be deep anyway, but this year gives you a lot of chances to show others what you're made of at work and play. Since the Monkey brings a lot more socializing, you'll be doing a lot more going out than usual, meeting new people and seeing who sticks around and who doesn't meet your high standards. You love to dress up and put your best foot forward, assuming a new character with every outfit. Your main issue will be to focus at work events, where decorum is crucial, and cut loose at parties with friends and family, where you can let off steam. Romantic and job changes follow as your moods change. Though some say your sign is fickle, you just want to enjoy as much of life as you can.
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In your career, you need something stable enough to pay you well, yet flexible enough that you don't feel overly managed. If you're looking for new work, February and March begin the New Year with a flurry of energy focused around new career opportunities. Be careful not to blanket your field with resumes, but instead choose wisely among the very best companies. This year, with the energy of the Monkey behind you, will be about discerning the best opportunities and acting on them, but also having fun with what you do. After all, if it's not fun, why are you doing it? Since you tend to change your mind a lot, pick a career that meets as many of your needs as possible now. April and May provide chances to augment your income with a side business, and August is great for consolidating your influence at a company if you're already employed and looking to climb the ladder. Whatever the case, make sure to put yourself first. You have a kind heart and can sometimes let co-workers get away with doing less. No more of that this year. You need to make more of an impression for the good work you do. After all, you're going places!


In love and romance, you're quite the magnetic one this year, as you radiate joy and confidence in all you do. This naturally makes others want to be around you. If you're looking for love, June provides several chances to get out and meet more eligible people, while July and August are wonderful for couples to reconnect. During the fall, think about taking up something you've always loved but felt you didn't have time for. This ends up connecting you to a wide array of new dating possibilities who already have at least one shared interest. Your confidence builds during September and October, too, which brings more people to your side. If you're thinking about making a deeper commitment to someone you've been seeing for a while, October is the time to make it official. You're great together, and happy to be planning a shared future. Though you may be wavering back and forth, wondering if you can do better, this person has stood by you through thick and thin, right? If so, that's the true sign of a stable and loving mate. You would be lucky to have this person by your side. Try not to let doubt ruin what you've built together. Another theme for Snake relationships this year is more time spent traveling together and trying new things. If you're still looking for the right one, these two activities open up new doors for dating and enjoying the company of interesting new people. Try not to overdo it on your first few dates.
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Health is another avenue of change for Snake natives this year, as the playful Monkey energy asks you to revamp your fitness routine. If you hate exercise, you're not going to do it, and may end up hurting your health in the process. But this year, so many new and interesting ways to stay fit enter your life. Choose one and see if you like it. You can't go wrong with something new and challenging. On the diet front, you're also trying new super foods and finding the balance between consuming too much -- since your sign tends to overdo it sometimes -- and what's satisfying and nutritionally sound. Once you find the balance between these two, you're feeling so much stronger and healthier! Make sure to get your check-ups and yearly tests before the end of summer, and you can cross them off your list until next year! No need to let worries get the best of you.


Snakes love money and wealth, and are often fortunate with cash flow throughout their lives. This year, you're looking to bring a little more depth into your financial life. This begins with restructuring any debt you may be carrying. Snakes tend to overspend, so if you have heavy credit card debt, there's no shame in getting help to pay it off. Secondly, the Year of the Monkey is about building a "fun fund" for leisure, travel, and going out with friends, while still putting some cash away for the future. You may be surprised by the end of the year how much wealth has accumulated for you. Just agree to never touch it unless absolutely necessary, and you'll be able to build everything you set your mind to. September and October are especially good times to make more money, and put it to work for you. Diversify and you'll never worry about losing it.
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