2015 Yearly Chinese Horoscope: tiger


Can't say that this year is anything to cheer about. Then again, you do have three good months, and there should be some opportunities in another two. With the Horse in charge, last year was probably a great one for you! But did you charge full speed ahead, trying to keep up with that Horse? You may not have run yourself into the ground, but there's a good chance that you overdid it. With the Sheep at the helm this year, however, it's time for you to take it easy. Pamper yourself! Go ahead - be nice to number one. You can still do things, but you need to be smart. And conservative. So stick with what has worked for you in the past. Focus on finishing what you've started rather than taking on lots of new stuff. You get the drift - it'll be okay.


We know, Tiger. We know. You're the most regal of beasts. Not being first is just plain wrong! The Sheep's here, though, and she's putting the brakes on. While the Horse had you on a Tiger roll, the Sheep provides a chance to appreciate recent accomplishments, count your blessings and bide your time. This mellow Yin energy's just the opportunity to upgrade your skills with a course or two, and hone diplomacy and bonding skills. There's sure to be drama around you. It won't be a question of how much your career situation sucks. The test is how ingenious you can be about not being sucked in. In 2015 you will win friends, make points and position yourself to resume center stage by flashing your usual competence, while remaining unflappable, and above the fray. Reflect on the tale of tortoise, hare and Marie Antoinette: Slow and steady takes the cake.


In matters of love, a holding pattern is indicated. A la Fleetwood Mac, 'Come on and hold me.' Cradle love in your arms and croon lullabies to it, and your relationships will be stable, by and large. Even more so, you're more able to be present as an offering to those you hold dear. This is simply not a 'me first' year. Period. Amorous tigers will obtain tremendous satisfaction not by flashily breaking new ground, but by deepening existing relationships with self and others. Treat those around you like the treasure you know them to be. Compliment their strengths. Be supportive of their challenges. Be present as a gift to them, in this emotionally tumultuous year. The gifts will return to you a hundred fold, and you'll win in life and love.


Crash diets? Radical jiu jitsu back flips? Bench-pressing entire apartment blocks? Thank goodness that's over with. The year of the Wood Sheep is about cultivating and valuing Yin energy -- and Tiger balm's the rule of the day! Time to cultivate habits that lead to emotional health, well-being and self-mastery: Daily yoga, meditation, inspirational writing, peaceful strolls in nature, regular spa treatments and laughter are called for now. And you, ever the leisure-monger, take to these like a kitten to milk. Reduce your preening with a healthy dose of humility and you'll come across smooth as silk. With your grounded, soothing, earthy style, those around you will seek you out -- especially by those who may well be losing it. As every Tiger knows, the secret to happiness is choosing it.


Tiger's fiscal style leans toward a 'seafood diet'. You see food and you eat it, without hesitation. In this sense you're usually more Tiger shark than pussycat! But you likely overindulged last year. Thinking things through and proceeding with caution would be a very good change in plan. Thinking of this as a transformation rather than disintegration would be absolutely brilliant! So suck it up, Tiger. It's not as if you've lost the keys to the kingdom. There's just less gold to go around. Sharing what abundance there is to realistically share will be the key to richness now. Hold on to what you must and share what you can. Your reputation, enjoyment and even affluence will expand.

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