2016 Yearly Chinese Horoscope: tiger


During the Year of the Monkey, Tigers can take their natural power and turn it into something really special. Since you've been building across all areas of your life lately, you're poised and ready to make a big breakthrough this year. A few important things to remember are: try not to lose your patience, cultivate hope for the future, and gravitate toward relationships that cross the personal-professional boundary and prove mutually supportive. The Monkey's incredibly talkative energy has you meeting all kinds of new friends, acquaintances, mentors and potential travel buddies. Looking ahead, it's a busy year of getting your needs met, while relinquishing the need to control so much. Others can be counted on to help you toward your goals. As you delve into who you are at your core level, you discover a few new things you'd like to learn and experience. Time to dive in and try it out!
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Since your sign of the Tiger needs to be in charge, you find it difficult to work as an underling, or for someone who doesn't appreciate what you can do. That's just a recipe for disaster for you. This year, your patience is at an end with your job, which may actually be holding you back. Your sensitivity can get the better of you sometimes. But this year is all about relying on your network of contacts -- think of the Monkey's numerous friends -- and finding a career that really dovetails with your passion and purpose. Those two words are big buzzwords for you this year. People seeking employment may find that success depends on their leadership abilities, as long as the position calls for it. If not, getting along with others means having to use your inner courage to work for the betterment of all, not just yourself, especially around March and April. Those already working at a job discover that they may not be paid fairly. Speaking up around July gives you the power to quietly and firmly prove your value to the company, while demanding what you're worth. If you've been considering starting your own business, this may be your year. The Monkey lends you all the energy and flexibility you need to become an entrepreneur. Horses, Dragons, and Dogs make the best bets if you're considering taking on an investor or business partner.


Even though that can be fearsome in other aspects of life, and tend to be very loyal, your sign of the Tiger can be soft and sensitive in love. One of your biggest challenges during the Year of the Monkey is balancing your need to advance in your work and personal wellness areas, while still leaving time to attract a new relationship, or deepen an existing one. You tend to over-think things when you meet an exciting new person, and this can be even truer in April, when you're so busy your mind is racing in a million directions. Adopting a stress reduction technique like yoga or meditation proves invaluable this year, and ends up taking a lot of pressure off your dating life. After all, you don't want to bring your troubles home with you. July also looks very fortunate when it comes to romance. Those seeking new love will find themselves naturally magnetic at this time. Though you may want to take things slow, which is uncharacteristic for you, you need to do what feels right. This year has the capacity to be really special for you. Those in relationships find that they're becoming attracted to their partner all over again by September and October, when a spontaneous getaway may set the stage for marriage, renewing your vows, or even starting a family together. Your union has what it takes to last a long time into the future, if not forever. The Year of the Monkey may even have you showing each other off a lot more.
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As the sign of the Tiger, you take great pride in your body and keeping it fit and healthy. This year, however, there are a few areas to watch. Though you're very busy in April and May, make sure to keep your diet as balanced as possible, lest digestive issues flare up. In October and November, you may find yourself traveling, too, which can wreak havoc on your exercise regimen. For you, the Year of Monkey will be about trying to hold onto all those great habits you've been getting into, and keeping positive energy flowing. You know you're worth taking care of, but may need to give yourself a gentle reminder sometimes, which no one else is going to do for you. If you need a healthy snack, grab some fruit or juice instead of reaching for sweet treats that will only lead to a crash later in the day.


Your sign of the Tiger has a "go get 'em" attitude when it comes to making money, and this year is no different. The fortunate thing is that the Year of the Monkey provides you with a whole lot more ideas about how to do this. Using your natural charisma and power helps to convince investors in a new business venture that you're the real deal. This could lead to big bucks come July and August, when your ideas become the center of something big. You've been thinking about this for a long time, but the Monkey energy gives you permission to soar. November and December also look to be fortunate in terms of your finances, making way for a very prosperous 2017 and 2018. Use these newfound financial gains to pay off debt, establish or grow savings, and also have some fun. After all, your sign doesn't like to work all the time without ever getting to play!
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