2015 Yearly Chinese Horoscope: monkey


What's good about a rating less than fifty percent? Well... a little and a lot. The extra six per cent over last year gives you one more, favorable month - five compared to last year's four. The big thing is that the Sheep brings you closer to a Monkey year! This is the time to slowly drag yourself up to the top of roller coaster. Take advantage of the Sheep's more relaxed pace. Get plenty of rest and relaxation. Plan. A famous poet wisely said: "Readiness is all." Need we say more, clever Monkey?


First thing's first when it comes to your career: Self-care in the work place. Why not get creative about ways to make work, well, less work. Don't shirk any of your duties, but maybe you could find some ways to get out of your head every now and then. Keep a few snacks on hand. Breathe. And even if you've got that report to finish, quitting time means going home. There's a big plus here (besides you stressing less): You'll find it's easier to key in to what others need by taking better care of yourself. Take two minutes for a real conversation with the person in the next cubicle. Did their in-laws finally end their seemingly endless visit? How was that hike they took over the weekend? A little empathy will go a long way. You might make new friends and forge some lucrative connections.


Nourishing your love life starts with nourishing you. Yes: Self-care is in for you this year. Maybe it's not something you're used to, but you deserve it -- you really do. Been to the spa lately? Get your glow on with a massage, followed by the sauna. How about a shopping trip? Treat yourself to that new shirt -- it looks better on you than on the mannequin! You'll be irresistible to your other half. Single? No worries. Try a yoga class. You're sure to turn some heads with your new workout wear and air of relaxed self-confidence. There's just one thing to look out for: You might be surprised to find yourself tearing up at Hallmark commercials. It's not just you -- everyone's a little tender these days. You'll earn lots of brownie points with a hug!


Up to your eyeballs in other people's feelings? That's the Sheep for you -- all heart. This touchy feely stuff probably isn't your thing, and here's where all that self care comes in handy. It'll help you stay sane in the midst of the sentimental fog. Those deep breaths might even give you the daring to step right into it. There's an opportunity to expand your horizons. Put down the crossword puzzles and try some eye contact. How about listening instead of trying to fix people's problems? It's a good idea to retreat to your treetop when you get to your tipping point. Close the door and put up the Do Not Disturb sign. Some New Yorker or Carol Dweck might be what your brain craves, so consider them your mental floaties in this pool of emotions. The key is finding balance between your head and heart.


So this year's about being prepared, right? It's also about satisfying the senses, so let's think about balance. It's a good time to get your budget in order. Maybe you could set aside a smidge more for fun. Maybe more than a smidge? Remember those wishes and wants that seemed too frivolous in the past? Guess what? You're allowed some frivolity this year. Imagine a shopping trip with Suze Orman -- and she's in a lenient mood. Yes, that antique vase would look stellar on your mantle. Couldn't your window treatments use some refreshing? And isn't it time for a new set of sheets? Try the satin ones. Who says practical can't be fulfilling? Maybe you'd like to explore some new restaurants. Or splurge a little on gifts. Go for it -- as long as you've set some aside for a rainy day.

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