2016 Yearly Chinese Horoscope: monkey


You try to have as much fun as possible every year, but during the Year of the Monkey, your sign is poised to make some amazing changes in love, money, work, and health. Your fast-moving mind comes up with all kinds of ways to make your life bigger, brighter and better across the board. Though some may call you erratic, or not understand the way you live your life, they will have a unique window into how you operate this year, and begin to appreciate what you bring to the table. Not everyone can enjoy the ease with which you manifest opportunities and make decisions. While some agonize about every little thing, your year is full of energy, social gatherings with all kinds of new friends, and chances to climb the ranks at work and make more money. You don't have to say you told them so... though it may be tempting.
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Though your sign of the Monkey is very skilled in many areas, you may have the unfortunate tendency to say yes too often, leading people to believe that you don't deserve more. During the Year of the Monkey, you may want to keep this going. Using your strong will to show others where your boundaries are at work creates new opportunities for growth and renewal. You'll be offered coveted projects and earn more money. Monkey natives who are looking for work should use February and March as launching pads for how they present themselves to potential employers. You know the right things to say to get the job, so trust that. Those who've already found a good job may find that adding skills this year with workshops, seminars, and online classes, will be just the thing they need to make more money. June through September are highlighted as the best times to get your learning cap on and bring your salary up in the process. As your value goes up at work, so does your ambition. By November, you know where you want to be in this career, and what you need to do to get there. All you need to is to implement the necessary steps, and you'll get what you want in the end.


When it comes to matters of the heart, your sign of the Monkey can sometimes be all over the place, wanting commitment one minute and freedom the next. It takes a very special person to respect your needs in relationships. During the Year of the Monkey, you're facing a very social time, with new friends coming in from all directions. You're accepting more invitations at work and, if you're looking for new love, have a wide variety of possible mates to choose from, especially during June and July. Several of your friends are making changes in their relationship status left and right, too, and you're invited to more weddings than ever. Be on the lookout for people who are just fun to talk to. You never know when something could turn into more once you're outside the occasion at hand. Those in relationships should look to the fall months as times to make any necessary changes. If communication has been lacking, for example, talking about it in a gentle and non-judgmental way gets you both back on the same page. You're hungering for more intimacy, but may be too scared to ask for it. Getting up the courage not only increases the chances of getting your needs met, but may actually bring you closer together. You may be thinking the same exact thing, and need one of you to take the risk and bring it up for further discussion. Either way, you end the year knowing exactly where you're going with your loved one.
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The challenge for a Monkey native is often focus when it comes to health. Your high-energy lifestyle may not allow for enough time to make those important checkups or routine tests to ensure your long-term health. When it comes to fitness, you may also try to overdo it, or just lose focus and risk injury during a class. All this may be even more likely to happen this year, so it's important to make a schedule and try to stick to it as closely as you can. For example, scheduling all of your needed appointments on one or two days of the year allows you to cross that off your list for another 12 months. You can get bored easily, too, so this year your fitness needs to change if you aren't sticking to something. Trying classes and activities that combine exercise with socializing helps you stay motivated and have fun. September is a great time to consider a shift in your diet, too, to incorporate more lean proteins and vegetables.


Your sign is such a great problem-solver, which makes you great with money, whether you're making a lot or not so much. During the Year of the Monkey, your sign has an opportunity to use your native inventiveness to discover even more ways to bring in more cash. During March and April, your boss may balk at giving you a raise, which only makes you want to find something newer and better for your bottom line. By August, you could have a side business in place to bring in more cash, or take on a freelance assignment to help boost your earnings. Investing also bears fruit this year, as shared property and investments bring dividends. Putting aside even ten percent of your paycheck each week not only saves you money, but makes it work for you by earning interest. Your financial smarts help you garner more wealth by year's end.
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