2016 Yearly Chinese Horoscope: rat


During the Year of the Monkey, Rats use their natural charm to accumulate more power and wealth. Though you may feel overworked and scattered at times during this year, you're able to pull it together at a moment's notice. Climbing higher up the career ladder is always on your mind, particularly now when you're so close to what you want. Though the Year of the Monkey means lots of new people coming into your life and plenty of social obligations, you need some private time on occasion to plot your big personal goals. The Monkey also injects this year with clever solutions to your problems, whether it's finding the right outfit for a formal occasion or discovering where to find the love of your life. Don't discount flashes of insight this year. Though it's not how you usually operate, your intuition may be trying to tell you something important. Listen to your heart.
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The spring months are especially fortunate for your sign, particularly in the areas of work and money. As several planets move into your work sector, you'll find yourself energized and ready to take on any projects that come your way. Bosses, managers, and higher-ups begin to notice of everything you do to make them look good, which only works in your favor. As you plan the future you want, instead of the one you have, you're making a new five-year plan in March. Placing each detail on a list or in a journal helps it become reality sooner. For now, you're impressing the right people. Those looking for work are bolstered by all the positive energy in your job sector, while those already employed know how to make the right statement at work. Making time for networking may be as simple as filling your calendar with dinners and drinks after work to discuss your plans. Though not everyone will see your vision of the future just yet, putting the idea in their minds isn't a bad strategy. As people begin to see you for who you want to become, your world changes for the better. By April 2017, expect great things!


Your sign of the Rat knows how to go after what it wants, including romantic partners. You're hardworking, knowing how to impress the right people, and ensuring that a special he or she trusts you enough to commit. During the Year of the Monkey, those seeking new dating partners won't be hard up for company. Since the Monkey is so social and in demand, you will be, too! The trick will instead be in balancing all your invitations. Make sure you don't become the person who says yes to everything, only to cancel at the last minute. No one likes those people. If you want to find a partner you're willing to commit to, begin by committing to those social occasions you know you want to attend. This will set the stage for greater things in romance. The month of October is especially bright for those already in an established relationship. At this time, you and your partner are ready to discover a new level of intimacy between you, and may even decide to take an exotic trip to reconnect. Though your native charm will always attract potential dating partners, make sure you stay on the straight and narrow by focusing on all your partner's amazing qualities. For those seeking love, it's time to get bigger and bolder about it. No more standing in the corner, holding up the wall -- not that your sign would do that, anyway. Dressing for the part you want and being the hottest one in the room gets the results you seek.
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Health-wise, your natural reserves of energy help you through any small issues, such as colds or allergies. This year, you don't have time to get sick! Advances you're making at work may stress you out, so you need a good program to release that. Since you like to be physical, trying out a new fitness plan may be just the thing to keep the doctor away. Your body is important to you, so by the time winter fades, you're ready to work on your physique. In May and June, trying a combination of cardio and muscle building exercise brings you the bod you're seeking. Late summer may herald a period of exhaustion with all you've got going on, so make sure to get your rest or you may begin the fall months with a sinus infection or flu. You're stronger than you think, but it never hurts to exercise a little preventive medicine with plenty of sleep and healthy food.


During the Year of the Monkey, your natural prowess for combining ambition with success brings a few lucky times for making more money. During April and May, you're thinking about the long-term, and investing your funds in a smart and diversified way. Some of your friends may even come to you for advice on how to enjoy the financial success that comes so easily for you. May, especially, is a great time to ask for a raise or promotion, since your boss has been apprised by then of all you bring to the table. When you make your case so compellingly, it's hard to say no. September and October provide a second lucky time for your sign this year. You can be generous, sometimes too generous, with those you meet. Save all the best contacts and jobs for yourself, since you know you'll do a great job and be grateful for all you've achieved.
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