2015 Yearly Chinese Horoscope: rat


Anything's better than the Horse, right? Hopefully last year wasn't too challenging, but things should go better for you this year. How much? Well, okay, maybe just a bit better. You're up nine points, from thirty percent to forty percent favorable - which is kind of like going from an F to a D minus on your report card. But there's plenty of good news: Next year it could skyrocket! So dig into your report, it'll help you see when and where to strike - and when to lie low.


Wasn't last year great for learning on the job? Well, Sheep promises more luck than Horse (you can use that, right)? This year put that amazing brain to work! Discover new ways of adding to your knowledge. You could find online training that won't cost your boss a penny. If you save your boss money AND train after hours, they'll be pleased! Take good care of yourself, though. Too many late nights make you sleepy on the job. So get out and have some fun. Going out to lunch or dinner with colleagues could also help you at work. Enjoy yourself while boosting your popularity. Your co-workers may have challenges in an emotional Sheep year, so lend an ear if they want to talk about their troubles.


You can breathe a little easier this year. But just a little -- emotions are likely to run high. If you already have a sweetheart, they're likely to be more sensitive. Since Sheep heightens an appreciation for beauty, give thoughtful gifts. Take them to a play or a concert. Buy them a print of an admired work of art. And remember yourself! A bit of pampering can help you feel better about love challenges. Tell your sweetie 'I love you' more often. Offer your date a foot rub, and give compliments! If your sweetheart dresses up for a night out, tell them how wonderful they look. But also take time for you. Enjoy risky pursuits like sky diving? Indulge a little. And once in a while, take a date!


You'll enjoy better health this year. And yes, that's a good thing! It's not the time to take risks with your well being, however. The sensitive Sheep calls for excellent self-care, so don't put off that visit to the doctor. Go. Make sure to put veggies on your plate, but don't just put them there: Eat them. For the clever Rat, plenty of 'brain food' does the trick, like black currants, whole grains and pumpkin seeds. Look them up! Make a list and put it on the fridge. By combining that Rat cleverness with the creativity of the Sheep in the kitchen, who knows what you can cook up? Be sure to get plenty of exercise, too. A good way to do that is to find one activity, -- do you love mountain biking? -- make a plan to do it regularly, and stay with it. And don't forget to take your vitamins.


You got through the Horse's challenge last year because you're so darn smart, but this year you'll have the luck of the Sheep on your side! Yes, making money sometimes means sticking your neck out, and you excel at risky business. Just use that wonderful brain to consider every aspect. The Sheep's sensitive and emotional nature could bring challenges, so invest wisely! Grow those funds you maintained last year -- at least a little. Minimizing challenges should make this possible. What's the good word this year? Diversify! Put your green in a variety of places. Your smarts can help you to identify the safest investments, and then make them. You might find an adviser you trust. Maybe another Rat? Or not. Remember: Twice the daring could mean goodbye, money. But do seek someone whose intelligence you respect.

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