April 01, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

To say that strange forces are on the prowl on this traditional April Fools’ Day is certainly an understatement. The intense challenging sky patterns of the last 9 days of March are scarcely behind us and this new month is forced to begin with last night’s void lunar uncertainty zone in Sagittarius. This void-of-course lunar cycle won’t officially end until the Moon enters industrious, earthy Capricorn at 10:36PM PDT.

While you are finishing up old business on a high note — one of the main, favorable options when the Moon is void — you may still feel the emotional shake-ups generated yesterday when first Venus and then the Sun squared off against distant, underworld-ruling Pluto. However, a great blessing does descend to Earth this morning as the Sun in Aries forms a supportive, 60-degree link to giant Jupiter in Gemini (5:25AM PDT). Whether you are able to tap into the mind-expanding, optimism-enabling vibes of this alignment or feel that it is partially wasted due to its arrival during a void lunar time-span is totally up to you.

Wisdom dictates that the main portion of this day can include spiritual studies and soul-searching as well as fun, games and sports (with the Sagittarius Moon energy-field remaining intact until late). Write down your dreams tomorrow morning as they may portend future happenings since the lunar orb approaches a constructive, 60-degree rapport with visionary Neptune (occurring exactly at 5:49AM PDT on Tuesday).

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