May 10, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Sometimes what the expansive universe conceives of as fun-and-games doesn’t feel that way to human souls having all sorts of trials and tribulations down here on Planet Earth. The cosmic shenanigans of the last few days — including now two long stretches of void lunar activity, plus the dark-of-the-moon shadow time on Wednesday and Thursday, as well as lunar connections to the often rash, red planet Mars — can grate on anyone’s nerves.

Nonetheless, the Taurus New Moon from yesterday is eagerly awaiting its chance to show you what wonders it can create. That must wait until 2:22PM PDT today when the void lunar cycle in Taurus shifts gears into lively, curious Gemini. Just before this takes place, the Sun merges its radiance with Pallas at 21 degrees of Taurus (1:40PM PDT) — providing a notable beacon of light, knowledge and wisdom that you can utilize during the several hours after the Moon enters Gemini at 2:22PM PDT. In addition, with Pallas super-strong right now, playing the amateur detective role makes total sense as your problem-solving skills are at white-hot capacity. Find time to enjoy board, card or word games with pals or the family.

The love boat sails into exotic ports of call — courtesy of the monthly Moon-Venus union in Gemini (5:50PM PDT). Even though this rendezvous of the Moon and beautiful Venus occurs at this specific moment, its warm and creative artistic expression can last for many hours. If you are not currently in a primary relationship, utilize this alliance to stir your interest in reading, writing, calligraphy, poetry, and advanced literary explorations.

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