July 09, 2013

Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Calendar

Easy does it! Yesterday’s New Moon can help you build forward momentum in your main fields of expertise, and via arts, crafts and hobbies. However, the recent Saturn shift from reverse to direct is still hovering over humanity and societal experience like a massive shadow.

The truth is that using an astrological ephemeris or data list of celestial motion reveals that Saturn is at the same degree and minute of Scorpio (4 degrees and 49+ minutes of arc) since this past Saturday and it remains right at this sky placement over the next two or three days. Therefore, the greater perspective is that Saturn is no longer retrograde, but it also isn’t really dashing ahead anywhere for the time being. Thus, patience is a cardinal and cosmic virtue.

In the meantime, the Moon in Cancer finally runs out of void-ness at 3:49AM PDT by entering warmhearted Leo for the next 2+ days. The lunar orb makes its monthly union with Vesta (6:37AM PDT) — offering a potential encouragement for finding ways to pad your bank account and increase the value of your investments.

A Sun-Mercury Inferior Conjunction occurs at 11:42AM PDT (activating 18 degrees of Cancer, the same degree where Pluto was discovered on February 18, 1930 by Comet Clyde Tombaugh looking at photographic plates from his telescope in Flagstaff, Arizona). A Sun-Mercury Inferior Conjunction is an astronomical term describing a line-up in the solar system of the Earth, Mercury in reverse, and the Sun — with Mercury at its closest approach to our planet. The fact that this solar-mercurial rendezvous occurs on the Pluto discovery point can ratchet up psychic storms and battles of the will around the Earth and within humanity. Nevertheless, try to keep an open mind for bright ideas that are streaking through your consciousness like fiery meteors.

Your productivity IQ can soar — thanks to the monthly union of the Moon with the largest asteroid Ceres (7:13PM PDT). Review your dietary and nutritional needs. Reach out with a nurturing touch to beleaguered maternal figures.

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