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Kiki T.
There has been a five-year gap of since we last saw Renee Zellweger on screen. Now she’s back -- but hardly recognizable! What's happening with Renee? Is she going to be able to make a comeback? Renee is Taurus with a Virgo Rising and a Leo Moon. This puts her natal Twelfth House in line for a major dose of Jupiter-in-Leo energy, which will help her transition back into the spotlight and clear out...
  • sep 12
    05:37 pm

    What Kind of Mom Will Carrie Underwood Be?

    Carrie Underwood is going to be a first time mom! She announced the grand event on Twitter with her cute dogs by her side, and fans are more than... read more
  • sep 11
    08:30 pm

    Fran Drescher Married Again!

    Who else but The Nanny could get married again at the age of 56 and look as fabulous as ever? Yes, in the season of surprise nuptials happening -- aka... read more
  • sep 8
    05:44 pm

    Joan Rivers' Legend

    The world will never see again the likes of a woman like Joan. She was an invincible, ball-busting renegade who will leave a legend more than just her... read more
  • sep 8
    05:25 pm

    Another Royal Baby on the Way!

    Thankfully, good news arrives promptly under the feel-good full Moon in Pisces: Another Royal Baby is on the way! Having to skip out of duties with... read more
  • sep 4
    10:36 pm

    Britney's Next Love?

    Britney Spears is back on the market, as her dad famously broke the news by way of confiscated video evidence. Now that this southern belle is back... read more
  • sep 3
    07:48 pm

    Was Brangelina's Wedding Date Lucky?

    August 23, 2014 was the day that shocked many, with the marriage of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Private and intimate, the wedding was a long time in... read more
  • sep 3
    02:48 am

    5 Mercury-in-Libra Must-Do's!

    This week brings many new starts -- like school and the unofficial autumn -- and sadly, it means saying goodbye to summer. Luckily, mindful Mercury is... read more
  • sep 2
    06:23 pm

    What's in Chelsea's Stars?

    Chelsea Handler is a fearless lady that made a splash in late night talk, giving a much needed feminine touch. Now, she's taking a new route,... read more
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