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My name is Ron Powers . I am a NATURAL BORN POWERFUL EMPATH AND CLAIRVOYANT. I was given this gift by GOD and have many years of experience. My arm represents strength that I wish to bestow on YOU!!!
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PSYCHIC Claircognizant, clairsentient. Over 46 exp and 33,000 points because I am Detailed, Accurate, Quick, Honest & Available. NO general readings please! BRING YOUR QUESTIONS with the person's name. I WILL be HONEST!
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if you are looking for a true and if you are looking,great reading call me,i am here,i will start with a psychic reading and conferm with the tarot
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Highly empathic and sensitive listener. Intuitive readings on a deeper level bring clarity and perspective. Reads energy from the heart level, the real source of our true feelings. All genuine questions welcome!
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Gifted Beverly Hills psychic and medium. You've got questions, I've got answers. Available for Chat - Super Fast Typist
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Hello Keen clients! My name is Rex! Quick, friendly, fun, and Accurate! 45,000 readings on Keen alone! Love, marriage, finances & your well being! Here to serve your every need, details explained with real understanding,
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I care about my clients, and want to give clarity and answers your seeking through my readings. Let me share the messages I receive, what spirit allows me to convey to you with truth foretold @ 1-800-275-5336 EXT. 04342853
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Hi call today for the answers you've been searching for!! in love,career,family and much more!
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My readings go beyond the normal psychic reading, my abilities allow me to look into your situation and find the cause and also your solution.
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In-depth Tarot readings
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