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Hi! My name is Rex! I've done 35,000 readings on Keen, and am known for being accurate, fun and detailed. Your love life and career explained with real understanding and specific dates given! Read my feedback and call me!
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Master Astrologer. Reads charts instantly. Learn about love, money, career, your soul purpose and more! Compatibility charts. 30,000+ readings. Writer for Mountain Astrologer Magazine. On Radio/TV. You will be amazed. Try me
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Call for the truth. been doing atrology for many years can look at you relationship and tell you what you want
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I am a professional psychic Astrologer of 23 years. I'm honored to help you decide the best way to move in your life concerning situations you may be in now- or may be coming. Lets take a look!
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you tryed the rest now try the BEST!!!
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Astrology readings available now I have been an astrologer since 1979 ;was the reader for Sandals and Jack Tarr Village in Jamaica WI for several years. Also astrology readings at a prominent New York metaphysical shop.
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All I need is your Question! Over 20 years experience as an Astrologer and I have helped many people! I can answer any question and do not need your birth data!
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Very insightful reader. She goes very deep so be ready and patient. She's got the answers to what you are looking for. Snowfire is always a blessing to me. She has proved over and over her accuracy, she gives insight. Perhaps
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Reading by Mystic9...Knowledge is Power...For a Soulful, Accurate Astrology Reading to answer all your questions about love, money, career, family, timing of events or just soul searching...With Love, Mysic9
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I'm a Certified, Professional Astrologer. I honor the gifts of The Universe. If you want an accurate Reading based on your own Chart, give me a call. I specialize in Love, Marriage, Career, Money and Transformation.
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