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clear answers with detail,no bds no cards! some 1/2 price for them!
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Dreams are a window into that which we have yet to see as well as the things that we have yet to resolve in our lives. Understanding what we dream takes us a long way toward understanding where life is going for you.
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With GENERAL READING-15 minutes or more, I will often answer your questions before you ask them. Clairvoyant and Spiritual Channel of the Creator. DETAILS 95-100% ACCURATE. Make an appointment now!
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45yrs experience why wait call now I will give you peace of mind tell you if your loved one is true or false consult on all problems of Life Call now special 3.49
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LOOKING into your DREAMS NOW seeing WHAT GIFTS they offer YOU, what is the real meaning ? WHAT do they mean within 72 HOURS, What your dream is TRULY TELLING YOU.FROM A HIGHER REALM #082117 PLEASE leave written feedback.
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Let's work together to realize your Dreams and Goals. I will be here for you with the tarot cards in seeking the answers for you.
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Dreams are a form of meditation, where our Spiritual Self communicate insights to our peace and well being of our daily life. The signs and symbols are astounding when you let me interpret them for you.
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Wondering whats going on in his heart and mind? Why he acts the way he does?Well...I can tell you-from a male's point of view!99.8% accurate
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*NO TOOLS- VERY FAST- VERY ACCURATE. I understand that life happens and things are left unknown. Is he/she cheating? Where is my life headed? Will they come back? I can also answer life's questions. ALWAYS DEAD ON.....
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What are your dreams trying to communicate? Are your dreams telling you that your ex is thinking of you, going to reconnect, or something else?
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