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Magdelena zeros in on the truth, with a comforting voice and wise understanding of spiritual principles governing your situation. Strong, Focused, Caring.

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**Want to know INTENTIONS, SOLUTIONS, OUTCOMES?** See into the MIND and HEART of anyone. ROMANCE LOVE CAREER MONEY. Info from SPIRIT GUIDES + ANGELS! Worth TWICE THE PRICE. 48Yrs.Exp. PhD/Spiritual Counseling

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Compassionate, intuitive and sensitive reader--reads energy at the heart level. Look deeper into your questions for better clarity and perspective.

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My purpose is to guide you on a path to empower yourself so you may transform your life. I read regular Poker cards, clairvoyant, empathic, life coach, friend

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GIFTED SEER on RELATIONSHIPS, FINANCE. Good LISTENER Over 100,000 readings.CLEAR ADVICE on what to do to get in a DEEP ZONE. 1000 PSYCHICS have reached out for help.Readings in EXOTIC places and every PROFESSION ext354669

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Hi, are you feeling CONFUSED? not able to get REAL ANSWERS? feel like you're ALONE? don't know if HE LOVES YOU? he's getting DISTANT? WANT THE TRUTH?? WANT THE REAL ANSWERS?? JUST CALL ME NOW!! DON'T WAIT! I'M HERE FOR YOU!

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Are you confused with your Love Life? Do you have many questions that need to be answered? Please look no more! Call me for Accurate Answers that you are seeking! Call me today You will be amazed! no sugar coating

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I do not hold judgment or give opinions.. .I have a gift that will be shared with respect & compassion.I will tell you what you are meant to hear**See my feedback and call with confidence. Blessings*****Cindys Knowing*****

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I can answer any concerns you may have with your relationships, career and the "why" of all heart matters

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Curious as to how your love life, your financial situation, your spiritual growth looks today? Please stop by, be open to receive and let us take a look together. I promise you that you will be handled with the utmost care!

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