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The second half of the year starts with a bang as the stars align your loftier expectations with reality and open the door of opportunity you've been waiting for. Walk right through it with the help of your July Horoscope!
Price: $14.95
Lucky Jupiter and planet of illusion, Neptune, will be changing up your romantic prospects in June. Find out how these planets and other transits will affect your sign with your June Premium Lovescope!
Price: $14.95
Understand the past. Be more aware of the present. Prepare for what's next...

Whatever is going on in your life, be it a relationship crisis, a personal challenge, a work or money concern, or something else, your Past Present Future Tarot explains it all. Know what led up to this, what's happening now, and what will likely happen in the future.
Price: $9.95
Fill your life with joy by learning about your personal chakras, or spiritual energies. Wondering why you feel out-of-whack some days, then fantastic the next? What is really happening in your soul? The Chakra Tarot helps you discover the truth by revealing the state of your body's seven sacred energy centers, and how each affects your life.
Price: $14.95 - 25%OFF