The Sky this Month, December 2022

It’s here, the last month of 2022! November brought a double dose of unpredictable energy by combining the influence of Uranus and eclipse season. December will feel quite different, as some of the planets will be moving from mutable fire (Sagittarius) to cardinal earth (Capricorn). As the ambitious energy of the Sea-Goat begins to take hold, we might fall into the trap of wanting to push forward certain goals. But remember, Mars is still in retrograde—only to be joined by Mercury at month’s end! 

With two natal planets moving backwards in the sky, December is much better spent in deep reflection. December’s planetary protagonists are Neptune, retrograde Mars, and Chiron, meaning that things will not be what they seem to be. Before we enter 2023, the universe requests that we focus on healing, which will require honesty and courage on our end. 

Neptune Goes Direct in Pisces We begin the month with master illusionist, Neptune, waking up from a long retrograde. Since June 28, Neptune has been bringing reality checks our way. Some of us have been waking up to painful realities we didn’t want to face or see. As Neptune goes direct on December 3, the rose-colored glasses could easily come back on with both Venus and Mercury squaring it from the last degrees of Sagittarius. Being active from November 28 to December 7, these deceiving squares could make business dealings and relationships tricky. 

On December 14, the sun...

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