The Sky this Month, January 2022

Welcome to 2022, and your January astrology forecast!

One of the most awaited astrological years has arrived. This year’s rare astrological alignments hold a lot of promise. But before we get there, the cosmos will ask us to perform a couple of difficult acrobatic moves. 

Jupiter is now in Pisces, increasing the spiritual vibrations all around us. Slowly but surely, our optimism and sense of cosmic protection begin to come back. But there’s still work to be done before we get fully immersed in the healing waters of this transit. Before feeling all this abundance and bliss, we will have to take a deep journey within!

Two Major Retrogrades: Venus will remain retrograde in Capricorn during the entire month of January (it goes direct on January 29). Since December 19, the love goddess has been asking us to review and revisit our approach to relationships, money, and pleasure. Then on January 14, communication master, Mercury, will also go retrograde in Aquarius. It is not very often that the retrograde circles of two natal planets overlap. And the truth is that the combination of both is bound to be felt intensely. Because of their proximity to Earth, the retrogrades of natal planets such as Venus and Mercury are loud calls to not only slow down—but to go within.

During the second part of the month, the universe will get us out of our comfort zone. This tough love coming from the planets can, however, serve as a...

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