The Sky this Month, June 2021

In a certain way, the astrology of June is a continuation of significant events that took place last month. We begin the month right in the middle of eclipse season and just a few days after Mercury started its second retrograde of the year. For these two reasons, June has the flavor of change, but it also comes with the need for revising, readjusting, and slowing down.

The first three days of June could easily be labeled as the most fortunate because the Pisces moon conjoins Jupiter on Tuesday, June 1, Venus enters Cancer on Wednesday, and Venus trines Jupiter in Pisces on Thursday. Also on the third, the Gemini sun is in a trine angle with Saturn. So even though it’s not usually advised to plan important things during Mercury retrograde and eclipse season, these three days in June promise us some love from the cosmos.

June’s astrology vibe gets intense by June 5, when Mars in Cancer forms an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, putting a damper on what could otherwise be a really positive week. Under this aspect, a lot of us could be feeling the competitive urge to get ahead and assert ourselves. However, let’s remember that Mars in Cancer can manifest as a very angry energy, especially in the very last degrees of this sign. If we can handle this angry moodiness and use Pluto’s drive instead, this transit can be useful for asserting ourselves.

The astrology of the second week of June is quite exciting. The moon is in Taurus, its...

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