Daily Work Horoscopes

Your daily work horoscope is here to help you prepare for your day! Read more about how the planets will affect your work life today.

Your daily work horoscope offers so much more than a bite-sized summary of how the planets affect your job. In astrology, the moon changes zodiac signs every two and a half days. As the moon changes signs, it moves through different areas of your birth chart. This will shift the focus and impact of your daily activities, especially when it comes to your work and career.

In your birth chart, each house, or section, represents a different area of life. As the plants move through these various houses, our energy shifts depending on the focus of that house. We experience this in our relationships and daily lives, but also in our work. For example, the tenth house in astrology rules career and vocation. Are you feeling called to channel your purpose today even more than usual? The moon might be in your tenth house! The sixth house rules our day-to-day work and routines. If Mercury retrograde is moving through this area of your birth chart, your daily work horoscope might predict that you’ll hear from old employers and co-workers!

The energy of the stars and planets is ever changing and requires detailed pattern analysis. You, too, will be able to track what’s coming up in your work life after a few weeks of tracking how the planets’ energies manifest in different areas of your birth chart.

So, don’t leave it up to chance: If you want to ask for a promotion or raise, make sure you time it correctly for the maximum benefit! If you’ve been putting off a particular conversation with a boss, wait until the moon enters your third house of communication. You’ll be better equipped to express your needs and get your point across. Let us help you by revealing what’s to come, so you can make the most out of your job, work, and career!

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