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You are usually quite direct about what you want and completely unafraid of going out there and...

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Your normally placid exterior might be a bit more turbulent, thanks to various pricks and stings --...

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Your mental energy brings you extra insight and compassion -- an extremely useful pair! Someone...

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You need to take some time and really contemplate where you are and what you've accomplished of...

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Ambition is everything today, so go right ahead and flex those muscles to let everyone know that...

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You've got way more options than you might realize, and a much wider range of opportunities than...

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Your desires are close to the surface now. You're like a snake shedding its skin -- somewhat...

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The spotlight is definitely on you as your personal energy amps up your already considerable...

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Turn up the volume on that inner dialogue and really listen to what you're trying to tell yourself....

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You need to dive deep -- and fast! Whatever you're doing, dig in as deeply as possible until you...

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Perform in front of an audience doesn't usually faze you much. Today, however, you may be feeling...

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Is there a lifeguard on duty? If not, you may want to call on someone close to stand and watch...

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Grounding Elements - Plant of the Moment

Amplify the Moon's Power Today

While the moon is conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius, we all need to do what we can to magnify her gentle nature. Rachel Howe of Small Spells shares how the fragrance of common plant can help connect us to the divine feminine.

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