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You've been trying to organize a get-together or some type of outing for a while now, haven't you?...

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After days of trying to get everyone around you to understand what you're trying to convey...

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Whatever it is that you value the most is what you'll want to surround yourself with today, no...

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If ever you were in the mood to say exactly what's on your mind, it's now. That means you'd better...

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It's probably been quite a difficult three weeks for you, emotionally speaking, at least. That...

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Getting together with dear ones -- especially your friends and those you consider peers -- has...

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Making plans for the future has probably been less than pleasant lately, especially when it comes...

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You've probably been trying to make contact with someone who's entirely too far away for your...

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Your dealings with joint financial matters and partners who are operating with your interests in...

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No matter who you've been trying to get in touch with over the past few days, you'll be happy to...

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You're used to being in total control of your daily schedule, aren't you? Well, that probably...

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Your dealings with children and younger folks have probably met with more than a few snags over...

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A Real Gemini Twin’s Advice on How to Make the Best of Gemini Season

Real life Gemini Twin astrologer Colin Bedell shares his story – and the secret to making this Gemini season the best it can be.

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