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If you have been searching for a missing element, hidden idea or final piece of some vexing puzzle,...

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You know in old Hollywood movies when the hero is in the lifeboat and it springs a leak? Today, you...

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The precarious balance between your public life and your private life is going to be a bit of a...

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Your social circle is not drawn with a solid line -- perforations in the infrastructure cause a few...

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Whoa! Put away that six-shooter, partner! There is no need for a showdown right now ... you need to...

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The love train is pulling into the station today, and it's stopping right in front of you! You are...

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The devil is not in the details today -- it is in the finishing touches. Getting close to the...

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Is someone in your family or social circle moving too slowly for you right now? Today you should...

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Just because you have a lot of decisions to make doesn't mean that they all deserve the same amount...

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It's an unusual day when your judgment is not totally accurate. You are likely to get caught up in...

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Being shy and polite works well when you are visiting your grandparents or an important dignitary,...

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You will be entering a brave phase today, and you may feel inspired to try something new --...

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Grounding Elements -

Check Your Ego at the Door — It’s Your Full Moon in Aries Playlist

Thanks to Saturn’s presence, this full moon will have you checking your ego.

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