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The Sky this Week, September 25

The absolute best week of September has arrived, promising new beginnings and growth in all areas of life. The week begins with a new moon in Libra, singing hymns and love songs to the world below. This is a pivotal moment to focus on our partnerships and relationships. Still, luckily, because of the magnificent cosmic weather throughout the entire week, you can pick and choose whether you want to harness it for your personal or professional lives! Fall in love or trust more deeply. Build plans with collaborators who see your vision. The choice is up to you as long as you seize the coming week.

MANTRA Find someone who mirrors you in equal measure.

ZODIAC SIGN RATINGS Aries, Gemini, and Libra could find the week to come grants them their hopes and dreams as if the universe is offering them on a silver platter! The key for these three zodiac signs to flourish now, though, is tied to how intentional they are about building each area of their lives. Personal happiness and professional power are all quite possible if you carefully consider the appropriate strategies to manifest and execute them. Just don’t make any major final decisions with Mercury still retrograde until next week. You can, however, brainstorm, enjoy the great vibes, and of course, live in the moment.

YOUR WEEKLY HOROSCOPE ARIES Partnerships will get you far now, Aries. Despite your independent streak, don’t try to fly solo. With the new moon in your solar...

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