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The Sky this Week, June 16, 2024

Looking the other way when heavy feelings pull at our heartstrings seems easy. But we undermine the true consequences it bears when we do so. Our minds can forget. But our body remembers. All parts of our physicality are capable of holding onto sensations that we avoid processing. Somatic responses are divine, intuitive messengers this week. Our vessel chants its needs eagerly. Can we compassionately listen? 

On June 17, both relationship-oriented Venus and intellectual Mercury dive into the high-tide waters of Cancer. Following on the twentieth, Cancer season, or the summer solstice, hits. Watery energy intermingles with our air, creating sensations like heavy summer humidity. We cannot help but slow down in profound feeling. On June 21, the Capricorn full moon fully releases all repressed memories out of the bag. We have felt these subjective matters didn’t serve a practical purpose. We are humbled to find our desire to run away into an ideal future cannot satisfy us. Not unless we can truly sit with our roots.

MANTRA When my body feels heavy or tired, I release the emotional baggage that is stressing out my spirit.

ZODIAC SIGN RATINGS Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces find a deeper understanding of themselves and life this week.

Cancer is fueled with self-awareness and compassion as the sun, Venus, and Mercury enter their sign. 

Scorpio is surprised to see the world through a new perspective,...

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