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The Sky this Week, March 26

The coming week may feel sweet as sugar, with so much planetary activity promising radiant skies. While the beginning of the week will certainly put us in a social and blissful mood, the middle and end of the week could bring some exhilarating opportunities in love, intimacy, or beauty. Since March 16, our goddess planet, Venus, has ventured through the fields of her domicile zodiac sign, Taurus. However, she makes one of her most significant aspects this week — a perfect conjunction with electric Uranus. While Venus in Taurus tends to bring out our most sensual, hedonistic, and indulgent sides, her union with Uranus will encourage us to step out of our comfort zones and shake things up around these particular themes. The energy of this week could certainly bring some turbulent energy to relationships on a rocky foundation. However, those open to some sugar and spice will be eager to experiment and embrace unique desires, pleasures, and opportunities for adventure.

MANTRA I seek romance and pleasure that feels inspiring and invigorating. I am unafraid to try new things.

ZODIAC SIGN RATINGS The week ahead brings sweet and spicy vibes to Taurus, Cancer, and Capricorn. First, Taurus will be eager to embrace their most authentic desires and sense of expression this week. This could help them to bring more spontaneity and excitement to their present relationships, or if single, opportunities to have a whirlwind romance. Cancers will likely cross...

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More weekly Horoscopes