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The Sky this Week, August 7

Starting on Sunday, August 7, Venus in Cancer will create a supportive trine to Neptune retrograde in Pisces. Intuitive cues will come up regarding financial commitments, romantic relationships, and even style. The regressing mystic reveals just enough for the minor benefic to react accordingly. Expect emotions to ebb and flow throughout this watery transit! 

Later on Sunday, Mars in Taurus clashes with Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. As these two come together in a terse square, there is immense friction. Sensual tension is apparent as there is a strong desire to stick with a vanilla passion or entertain dynamic, progressive kinks. Although desire is thick with suspense, there might be some issues with assuming responsibility for actions or even properly working through resentment. Since Saturn retrograde is ongoing, it might be easier for Mars to express its semi-inhibited needs. However, the retrograde could assist with better coping or managing the Martian instincts. 

A few days later, Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, exposing the power dynamics between the two heavenly bodies. Matters of the heart and wallet take a plunge into the underworld as the truth behind such commitments comes to light. With that comes the underlying issues of manipulation, control, and destruction. But life comes after death, so love and finances can undergo an intense regeneration. 

By Thursday, August 11, the sun in Leo...

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