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The Sky this Week, September 26

The sky will be in a rather sweet and passionate mood this week. However, the most noticeable transit will be the official arrival of Mercury retrograde in Libra that begins on September 27. Mercury retrograde phases are felt in three waves: with the pre-shadow hinting at what is breaking down, the official retrograde where situations of the past re-emerge to bring forth new information, and the post-shadow where we assess our newfound path forward with what we have learned.

In Libra, our cosmic messenger will help us to review our partnerships and relationships to make sure they are in balance. If not, we have an opportunity to shift them into a better playing field. Yet, as Mercury rules the mind and communication, there will be breakdowns in connection in the weeks ahead. Past associates and partners may emerge, but more likely in a casual sense rather than anything that is karmic in nature. 

The Sweetest Day of the Week: September 29 aligns Venus in Scorpio in a trine with Neptune in Pisces. This is a five-star day for love and creativity! This energy will touch our hearts, opening them up tenderly and compassionately. This will be an auspicious day for relaxing, being entertained, and indulging in our connections with other people.

On this same day, the sun in Libra will trine Saturn in Aquarius. Achievement, victory, and recognition could now be at hand due to previous efforts. This is an excellent time for assessing your...

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More weekly Horoscopes