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The Sky this Week, January 22

Whenever we peer up into the heavens, we see a million brilliant lights shining their radiance from afar. In our solar system, we watch the planets and luminaries dance in harmony back and forth across the tapestry of the skies. As soon as Uranus returns to direct motion on January 22, all of our planets in the solar system will be awake in the heavens. This is an extremely important announcement from the universe that after a tremendously long time, we are ready to race forward toward our greatest hopes, dreams, and endeavors. While we’ll still be dealing with some post-shadow energy, as the planets regain speed — especially mighty Mars that suffered a tumultuous retrograde for months on end — know that you’re being given a cosmic green light to advance forward as quickly as you’d like. Luck and opportunity are once again on your side.

MANTRA I am awake. I am alive. I am filled with the fire to create change in my life as I see fit.

ZODIAC SIGN RATINGS This week, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio will most enjoy the reawakening of electric Uranus in the heavens above. Uranus, the planet of revolution, chaos, and change, has been orbiting in the fields of Taurus since 2018 and is ready to help these particular zodiac signs evolve even more. For Taureans, they will once again have fewer impediments to their progress and success, especially in regard to living their truth and pursuing freedom and expression. Lions will now see their professional lives...

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