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The Sky this Week, March 3, 2024

Mars squares or challenges Uranus this week. Mars is like a blazing fire, seeking warmth and vitality, but it burns those who cannot handle the heat. Meanwhile, Uranus is like a loud lighting storm, determined to cause changes in the landscape below from its higher perspective. Can you imagine these two intense energies at odds? Expect the unexpected, as Uranus is defiant about changing what no longer serves us and only further riles up the fiery side of Mars. Schedule plenty of time for fluctuating energy levels, as you’ll be hard at work dodging the celestial storm gracefully one moment, frustrated the next.

MANTRA I pick and choose my battles wisely with precision and tact.

ZODIAC SIGN RATINGS Aries, Taurus, and Aquarius can expect the most intense week of the twelve signs.

Aries will experience highlighted reactivity as their planetary ruler, instinctual Mars, is in a spot of tension with reckless Uranus.

Taurus will feel more impulsive as unpredictable Uranus in their sign squares warrior Mars.

Aquarius must practice caution as their planetary ruler, Uranus, squares warrior Mars in their sign, leading to more reckless decision-making. 

YOUR WEEKLY HOROSCOPE ARIES  As reckless Mars transits your solar eleventh house of social life this week, it challenges unpredictable Uranus in a square aspect. Tensions arise when it comes to group activities or projects. Although you...

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