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The Sky this Week, July 14, 2024

We often reduce strength as a muscly, physical manifestation. Neglecting the power of mental strength is a silly mistake. Concentrated willpower and focus are the common denominators of all influential individuals and leaders. On July 20, assertive Mars enters cerebral Gemini. Mars transits tell us where we need to focus our energy. Vitality, passion, and individual needs are this planet’s concerns. 

Self-preservation of our beliefs, opinions, values, and mindset is of utmost priority during a Gemini Mars transit. In Gemini’s home, Mars is told to strategize and sit with their thoughts before acting. However, Mars can become restless. Irritation can lead to heated debates and pretentiousness. The urge to dominate the mind can lead to restrictive communication, where others feel they have to walk on eggshells. To maintain equilibrium, hold space for various perspectives.

MANTRA When my mind is at war, I call for a truce between my conflicting thoughts through meditation. 

ZODIAC SIGN RATINGS Aries, Gemini, and Scorpio will feel a rise of defiance this week.

Aries and Scorpio are asked to re-strategize and contemplate other options when their planetary ruler, Mars, enters clever Gemini.

Gemini feels prideful, confident, and determined to be unapologetically themselves as Mars enters their sign.

YOUR WEEKLY HOROSCOPE ARIES  Your planetary ruler, Mars, enters Gemini. As the...

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