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The Sky this Week, September 17

When it comes to the cosmic energy of the week ahead, we have two major factors to consider. The mighty sun, which is tied to life force, is the luminary of strength, vitality, and potency. Unfortunately, the week starts with a rockier frequency to navigate as soon as we enter it, as the sun moves into direct opposition with Neptune, the planet of dissolution. This will bring an especially weakened energy for us to face, as we are more prone to illness, deception, and insecurity. This will reach a crescendo on September 19. Luckily, shortly thereafter, the sun will align in a blessed angle of harmony — a trine — with powerhouse Pluto. While this could ratchet up the intensity of the week significantly, it will help us to break through the fog as we dig to the heart of matters and pioneer through. As long as you’re able to stay focused, you should be able to handle this week’s tricky vibes.

MANTRA I am alert, focused, and aware of my surroundings. I will trust in finding true security.

ZODIAC SIGN RATINGS This week’s energy will be especially challenging for Virgos, Libras, and Pisceans. Of the three, though, Virgos may have a better chance of moving through unscathed. Both Virgos and Pisceans could be at a crossroads in relationships, whether in business, love, or collaboration. Illusion and delusion will be quite prominent now, as well as gaslighting. Luckily, with the sun in Virgo linking to Pluto, this zodiac sign can charge forth as long...

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