2014 Yearly Chinese Horoscope for Dog



You've hit the jackpot with 12 out of 12 favorable months! The year starts off with a Tiger month, which will be one of your best, so you'll have to hit the ground running. Don't let this month slip by -- the time to act is now. And if you haven't yet planned out your big goals for the year, do it soon. There'll be opportunities every month. Of course, you don't have to take advantage of every single one -- you don't want to go overboard. Overall, be alert. Expect good stuff to happen. Above all, be open to possibilities. Change might not always be comfortable, but it's necessary to get where you want to go, especially since luck is with you.

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The sky's the limit, and nowhere is this more true than in your career. Ready to rise to the top? Set yourself up in that corner office? Launch that new business? Honestly, whatever you set your mind to you can achieve. You and the Year of the Horse get along like two peas in a pod, and this energy can catapult you into new territory. What have you always wanted to accomplish? Where have you felt stuck and immobile in your career? What would make your work infinitely better? Dare to dream big. Deal with any self-limiting beliefs now. The time you've been waiting for has arrived. With your diplomatic nature, leadership skills and good sense, there's no telling what you might create. Ready, set, go!


Love can be so sweet, especially now. You've arrived at a good place, regardless of any setbacks you may have had last year. That va-va-va-voom feeling between you and a certain someone comes around just when you need it -- and it might sweep you off your feet. However, while there is the possibility of wild romance, overall you'll have a sense of harmony and synergy with the ones you love. Single? Stay tuned for an overwhelming, knock-you-off-your-feet type of encounter. Things are moving in that direction. You'll probably find that the loyalty and love you've been looking for in a partner has been right under your nose all along. One last thing: make more time for play this year. Even the most solid partnerships need a few giggles.

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The great thing about this year is that you're filled with anticipation, and for good reason. So make sure you're in tip-top shape to make the most of all those wonderful things when they do come your way. Test your physical boundaries by picking up a new sport or hobby. Learn to make tasty vegan food. Explore naturopathy, acupuncture and herbs as medicine. The only real caveat is to keep an eye out for exhaustion and fatigue. It feels like your life is moving at the speed of light, and if you're not careful, you might end up feeling depleted. Make sure that you're taking good care of yourself, dealing with stress appropriately and getting enough sleep. There's nowhere to go but up.


You want to prove to yourself that money is no object -- and maybe it isn't. But in actuality, you have little to prove this year. In fact, if you can just chill out, let the money flow in, and trust that you'll have more when you need it, the results might surprise you. It really is time to trust your intuition when it comes to property, business ventures, career moves and loaning or borrowing money. Plus, luck is on your side when it comes to big financial goals. You can really go places this year. What you do with any cash windfalls is up to you. But make sure you put something into your savings, just to be on the safe side. And if you can work with someone who also has good money sense, your chances of winning become exponentially greater.

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