Find Guidance this Fall with your October Premium Horoscope! Find Guidance this Fall with your October Premium Horoscope!

Libra Daily Dating Horoscope

October 1, 2023

Your thirst for the new is all-consuming today, so get out there and get your people to back you up as you head out for some new place or event or situation. It's fun!

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Daily Singles Horoscope

You might feel weird about something you blurted out. Instead of pretending you never said it, explain yourself. Be sincere in your apology, and next time think before you speak.

Daily Beauty Horoscope

Of course you want to look good at work, but it's time to get a hold of that tendency toward extravagance. Bring out an old favorite or get a pair of shoes resoled. Saving money can count as a luxury, too.

Libra Weekly Dating Horoscope

Week of October 1, 2023

You and your friends will be all talk early this week, which usually means no action. This time will be completely different, though. There will be so much new ground to cover and so many new faces to meet that you'll scramble to get it all done. Things will slow down a lot on Thursday and Friday,...

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Libra Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of October 2023

You start the spooky season with your own brand of witchcraft when Mercury enters your sign on October 4, making it a great day to put a spell on someone. Use your charms wisely when Venus enters Virgo on the eighth. The people you’ve ghosted over the summer might come back to haunt you, Libra. If...

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