Aquarius Daily Work Horoscope

November 28, 2023

What will you come up with, Aquarius? The cosmic energy will amplify your own power when the moon in Gemini trines Venus in Libra. The airy trine will work nicely with your innate talents for innovation, ingenuity, and authenticity. As a result, this could help you feel more secure about pursuing at least one, maybe two, creative ventures in your professional journey. You could use this intellectual trine to brainstorm ways to handle multiple endeavors without becoming overwhelmed in your professional journey. Commit to the passion projects that you want to pursue!

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Daily Finances Horoscope

No one wants exactly what you want, especially if what you want is to line your own pockets. So when people aren't on board, consider it a blessing in disguise. It's the ones who secretly have their own agenda that you should be concerned about. Anyone who goes along with the current proposal should be suspect.

Daily Bonus Horoscope

Don't give up on what you want -- stand your ground and be patient. It will happen.

Aquarius Weekly Work Horoscope

Week of November 26, 2023

Use the beginning of your workweek to network, Aquarius. You could have a destined interaction that may lead to something wonderful when Mercury in Sagittarius trines the North Node in Aries on Sunday, November 26. The fiery trine could bolster your confidence, so this could be the perfect transit...

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Aquarius Monthly Work Horoscope

Month of November 2023

You may feel as though you’re not being given the amount of attention and money that you deserve due to the minor frustration between Jupiter and Neptune on November 5. However, you won’t be making moves to look for another job yet, as you’re waiting to see how the deals you have been working on...

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Aquarius Yearly Work Horoscope

Year of 2023

With your innovative ideas, technological and networking abilities and willingness to work as part of a team or solo, your career can go in many different interesting directions this year. Whether you’re happily employed or looking to move on/up or for a new job, professional challenges lead to a...

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