Aries Daily Dating Horoscope

May 18, 2024

Ease up! You have a lot of pent-up aggression just looking for a target. Unleash your dark side through vigorous exercise or some other harmless mayhem before someone gets hurt.

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Daily Singles Horoscope

Having a long heart-to-heart talk with someone is great, but right now the stars say that skipping around from topic to topic is good too. Be funny and throw in some sweet teasing to boot.

Daily Beauty Horoscope

Thumb your nose at trends right now. If you think matte lips are more flattering than glossy, don't hesitate to prove it to the world. There's nothing more beautiful than sticking to your guns.

Aries Weekly Dating Horoscope

Week of May 12, 2024

The early part of the week will feel like a big adventure even if all you're doing is working. Your energy is directed toward new things, no matter what. Life will get pretty complicated on Wednesday thanks to new rules or paperwork or demands from someone close. Try to just cope instead of making...

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Aries Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of May 2024

Start the month by investing in the love you deserve during the Taurus new moon on May 7. Spring fling season is fun, but it’s time to get serious when it comes to your love life. Look at potential partners with a keen eye when Mercury enters Taurus on the fifteenth. You’ll be interested in...

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