2014 Yearly Chinese Horoscope for Monkey



Opportunities might not be as numerous as you'd like this year, but not to worry -- you can get a lot accomplished if you manage to be careful, cautious and prudent. This year encourages you to get better at reading people and situations before you make your move. Any tendency toward creating mischief will have repercussions, so think twice before trying to play games or pull a fast one. Rather than testing people and their limits, use this year to learn more about yourself and your behavior and how you can help create change for the better.

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Keep and improve upon the momentum you already have by learning to deal with setbacks. In fact, don't view them as setbacks -- see them as lessons that prepare you for achieving even bigger goals. If you want to make a change about your career path, prepare to be in situations where you have to decide what to do -- quickly. Things are definitely moving at a fast pace, which you like! The challenge here is to play up your strengths, including wit, intelligence and a can-do nature. You're a born problem solver. Show the higher-ups that you can change directions if need be. You may have times when you feel bored and restless. Have patience. If you can play the game for a while, you'll win.


'Too much of a good thing' might be the recurring theme here. You excel at having fun, but the Year of the Horse means your romantic attention span might be shorter than usual. Oddly enough, if you can learn the fine art of committing to the right person, place or thing, you might actually end up being blissfully happy. If you're already with a partner, keep everything steady. Rocking the boat may be something you regret in the end. And if you're single, prepare for adventure -- but don't expect that a single instance of electric connection will turn into undying love. Be upfront about expectations, both yours and the other person's. And while self-reliance is a good trait, if you really want love, try letting someone into your life. It's the only way.

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Your health is a priority this year. Avoid burnout and exhaustion at all costs. If you have any nagging health issues, deal with them instead of putting them off. And don't sacrifice your well-being in the name of fun -- an all-night croquet game that turns into bronchitis isn't worth it. So turn your social light down a notch and opt for calmer, more subdued gatherings -- over-the-top behavior has more immediate and long-lasting consequences this year. And in the true spirit of the Year of the Horse, stay active. Join that tennis club, soccer team or spin class. It will help you channel any excess mental energy in a healthy direction.


You have a knack for making money, and your hands will be full this year. Horse energy supports your entrepreneurial spirit, problem-solving ability and practical know-how, but you may need help when it comes to making spot-on financial decisions or need to delay those decisions for a while. Now is a good time to let those ideas develop -- you'll cash in on them later. So long as you spend wisely and stay focused, you can do pretty well as far as finances go. One more tip? Don't worry about keeping up a lavish facade. You don't need a fancy car or wardrobe to be well-regarded. Use your money to help others instead -- you're a natural philanthropist, and good karma always comes back to the sender.

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