2014 Yearly Chinese Horoscope for Rooster



A positive, yet realistic outlook is the key to making the most of this year. You'll have some good opportunities and some challenging situations. Now's the time to make the most of your skills, like your attention to detail and innate leadership ability. You can do a lot with the five auspicious months of this year -- while the Horse favors you, it's also a Wood year, which can clash with Metal, your fixed element. That means following the old formula of talent, perseverance and hard work in order to make your own luck. Avoid unnecessary risks. Develop a good sense of timing when you do have to make a big move. Be on your best behavior and stick to the tried-and-true. Have faith in yourself and everything will turn out better than you could have hoped for.

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Learn to shine in areas where other people can't compete. That means stop worrying about the people around you and play to your strengths. You can take big strides up the ladder of success, but you have to be willing to remain your sensible, practical self. Others might be running wild or unable to focus, but you're like the eye of the storm. It's true that work may not be wildly fulfilling this year, but that doesn't mean you can't make significant progress. Take some risks, especially when the timing is right. And work on trusting your instincts. Can you be flexible, malleable and open when business requires this of you? If so, congratulations. You're going to do just fine.


It's not what you say, but how you say it that makes all the difference. And if you're going to dish something out, prepare to get it right back. While things can be easygoing when it comes to love, they can also get rocky if you aren't careful about your perfectionist tendencies. Give your partner a break! Lighten up a little and he or she will see just how wonderful your stable and safe presence can be. Single? There's nothing wrong with being selective (you know what you want), but try being more a little more open-minded. You might discover that the person who's perfect for you is nothing like the person you imagined. Love is funny like that. Go with it. If you aren't willing to take a risk, how will you ever know?

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This is not the year to take unnecessary chances with your health. While you shouldn't expect anything too dramatic, there's no reason to put yourself in harm's way -- so, no skydiving! Stick with the basics of good health, starting with your diet. The best way to counter a year of unbalanced elements is to fuel your body. Is your energy low? Take in some extra protein and cut out the sugar, especially in the morning. Are you finding it difficult to slow down? This is expected in a Horse year. Make sure you find time to unwind -- the spa should be a fixed destination on your monthly agenda. Check-ups aren't fun, but your pearly whites need care, so be sure to schedule a couple dentist visits. As Wood is the problem child this year, think in terms of Feng Shui as you replace older wood fixtures with new, modern ones made of metal.


Keep a closer watch on your finances, especially since this year's energy tends to encourage careless spending and lowered inhibitions. See, you might be prone to changing your mind, and returns aren't always an option -- especially on big purchases. Take a day or two before you decide to buy something. Find a balance between frugality and having a little fun -- that's the perfect place to be. A fancy handbag or luxury automobile might feel good for a few days, but is it worth the credit card hangover? Remain money savvy. One final tip: if you can strike while the iron is hot, your financial know-how plus the passion and enthusiasm fueling this year can create something prosperous and amazing. Make it happen!

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