2015 Yearly Chinese Horoscope for Dog



Your buddies the Tiger and Horse are giving you two good months. Yeah, yeah -- that's hardly great news. But it gets better. You have three others that are neutral, and here'll be plenty of opportunities in these five. And don't forget that you'll still have lucky days -- even in the unfavorable months. You may not be the world's greatest optimist, so you'll have to trust us on this. A 40% rating isn't that bad -- this isn't school with inflated grades. You have enough common sense to know when to play and when to sit on the sidelines, and that'll work well for you this year.

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If there's a job to be done, chances are you're the one to step up and do it. People love that about you! Maybe they love it a little too much. A better plan this year might be to take a step back, and try letting others take on some duties. The small projects add up fast and you could find yourself dog paddling your way into burn out. If you think others may not be able to get the job done right, it could be time to realize that your way isn't always the only way. Besides, aren't you just as great at supporting others as you are at accomplishing tasks? Wood is the element of the year, so think family, cooperation. A pack. Everyone pitches in. Once your plate's full it's full. There're other ways to contribute. How about setting up a few happy hours after work this year? A job well done, plus camaraderie? Pretty sure there isn't anything better.


So maybe your yearly rating's got your heart all a-flutter, only not in a fun way. Relax: The potential for love is still there. It might just take some coaxing. And listening. Encouraging. Stuff you're probably pretty good at. Emotion is the new black. Whether you're single or attached, your empathy could give you a leg up on the love front. You might develop a new affection for a longtime friend. Sharing your feelings sounds too risky? That's okay. You can choose your moments. And if it happens, it happens. You're probably not one to dive willy nilly into a new relationship anyway. Already found that special someone? Remember what makes them special. They probably love this adventure with you -- peaks, valleys and all. And let's not forget your needs. Letting things fester isn't exactly a recipe for romance.

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Sheep reminds us to take it easy this year. Okay -- this doesn't mean couch surfing 24-7; it means to just take things down a notch. Need to get in some cardio? Skip the 5K and try a brisk walk. Strength training? Pilates will get you strong and lean. And with so many types of yoga to choose from, there's gotta be one for you. Why not be proactive about nourishing yourself? Meal delivery services can provide easy dinners. You get lots of healthy options and more time for you. Or maybe cooking relaxes you. This might be the year to work in some couch time with a fun cooking show, not something gourmet-minded. Feel it instead of think it. How about dinner al fresco in the warmer months? A few deep breaths now and then should keep you balanced and feeling good no matter what your routine.


So maybe this isn't the best year for any big-ticket purchases. Does that mean close the coffers? Not for a smart Dog like you. Keep your nose to the ground and you could sniff out some great deals. Still, it's probably best to play it cool. It won't hurt to balance the budget and feed the piggy bank. Who says a new car or amped up wardrobe is bliss? There's a lot to say for peace of mind. Building a sizable safety net should help provide that. Besides, wealth comes in so many forms. Fresh cut flowers. Sunsets on the beach. An album of old pictures for a stroll down memory lane. Why not a potluck -- all your favorite people in one place? At a price everyone can afford. You know what they say about counting your blessings? How it can actually bring more blessings? It's possible these simple pleasures are even more gratifying than the extravagant ones.

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