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Strengths: outspoken, adventurous, unconventional, and enthusiastic
Weaknesses: aggressive, arrogant, short-tempered, and anxious
Compatibility: Dragon, Horse, or Dog
Mixmatch: Ox, Snake, or Monkey
Element: Wood
Yin or Yang: Yang
Years: 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

Tiger is a prideful creature. After struggling to the shore in the last leg of the race that determined his place in the zodiac, Tiger was panting and exhausted in third place. He explained how difficult it was to swim against the current, and boasted about how strong he was to have succeeded.

The powerful Tiger features prominently in Chinese mythology and art, usually pictured chasing away evil. Babies are given Tiger shoes to protect them, and Tiger charms are known to give courage and scare away the three evils: theft, fire, and ghosts.

The Tiger is known as King of the Beasts, and the three horizontal stripes on his head represent heaven, people, and earth, with a vertical line crossing and thus ruling all three.

Tigers are known for their powerful energy. They are passionate, intelligent, charismatic, courageous, ambitious, and extremely enthusiastic. They are independent, prefer being in charge, and resistant to others’ authority. They can act rashly when they follow their intense feelings.

While Tigers want to win big, they might learn to appreciate smaller successes – but ultimately, monetary wealth is not the goal. Money doesn’t impress them, nor does it motivate them, but they often end up solvent and successful, and they’re known for their generosity. Tigers are outspoken, adventuresome, and can be unconventional.

Tigers may have a certain innocence and optimism. They can be genuine humanitarians with a deep desire to help those in need, and their enthusiasm can be contagious to others. However, they should beware of becoming overly aggressive, arrogant, short-tempered, or anxious. They need to find a balance where they can live without succumbing to impulsive passions.