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The Sky this Week, February 5

The week ahead is filled with exciting and passionate cosmic energy, giving all zodiac signs a reason to celebrate. The main focal point of the week will be the exuberant and radiant full moon in Leo, which arrives on February 5. This lunation’s resounding energy will echo throughout much of the week but brings a mixed atmosphere to navigate. Though the full moon in Leo will put us in the mood for adventure and love, it will be in a sharp square with Uranus. This ensures shocking events and a bit of chaos to sift through. Luckily, the full moon will kiss Mars, bringing us the courage and stamina to pursue what makes us happiest and find solutions no matter what happens.

MANTRA I desire to live vibrantly. I will stand like the lion and roar.

ZODIAC SIGN RATINGS The top three zodiac signs that will have much to celebrate in the week ahead are Aries, Leo, and Libra. Their personal lives will see an exhilarating surge of activity and many opportunities to connect with others now. This week’s full moon will bring a fire to both Aries and Libra, igniting their hearts and encouraging them to live in pure alignment with their desires and euphoric truth. Both of these zodiac signs have an extremely high likelihood of enjoying a romance with their partner or finding someone new if single. Leos, however, will be standing in their power and parading forward toward power and recognition as they assert themselves and make it known that they are worthy of...

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