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The Sky this Week, December 3, 2023

Here we are in the final month of 2023. As we reflect on all the twists and turns in the past year, we have likely found that this year is certainly better than the previous few we experienced. While 2023 still had its own challenges, the cosmic weather — on a collective level — was generally better. In the week ahead, Venus takes the spotlight, diving into the seas of Scorpio on December 4. This will bring a passionate, sultry vibe to all our interactions. Growing closer with significant others — especially sexually — could be on the table. Two notable days will also be December 5, as she kisses Saturn and brings stability to commitments, and spins opposite Jupiter on December 9. This foretells the week will end on an indulgent, hedonistic note.

MANTRA I am the divine embodiment of sacred sexuality. I find myself sexy, as do others.

ZODIAC SIGN RATINGS With Venus’s flight through the heavens, three zodiac signs will be seeing heart eyes: Taurus, Cancer, and Leo. All three in this trio will feel blessings rain down upon their personal lives, filling them with positive vibes. First, Tauruses will see great harmony in relationships, especially if things have been a bit tumultuous in recent weeks. Cancer, however, is the zodiac sign most likely to find a new prospective suitor who tickles their fancy. Last, Leos will feel an easier flow when it comes to their connection with their families and parents. 


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