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The Sky this Week, October 17

Your weekly horoscope for October 17 is here and it brings the direct turn of two major planets!

Finally, after months of many planetary retrogrades, we will see life move forward once again. Most notable to address this week will be the fact that Jupiter and Mercury both station direct on the same day—October 18. The universe doesn’t speak in riddles; it shows that our internal growth and the ideas we’ve been pondering—particularly in regards to our relationships and communities—will now be able to be used for our greatest benefit going forward.

Both planets are also orbiting within air signs, further hinting at the need for mental clarity, logic, and communication. With Jupiter awakening in the skies of Aquarius, we will see his greatest blessings materialize now until he leaves this realm on December 28, 2021. Mercury will turn direct in Libra, finally bringing us progress in negotiations and partnerships.

On October 17, we have a harsher aspect, as the sun in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. Ego conflicts, power struggles, and drama are guaranteed. As crises and challenges present themselves, we could bear witness to destructive or volatile behavior. It is best to lie low and tread with caution and certainly not rock the boat with authorities.

Sexy Mars in Libra links in a trine with Jupiter in Aquarius on October 18. This will increase our competitive natures and confidence significantly. We are spurned to win and...

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