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The Sky this Week, May 16

Welcome! In this article, you will find the transits that will affect your weekly horoscope for May 16 to May 22 of 2021.

Jupiter in Pisces This week, surrender to the fluid motion of the Universe as Jupiter just began his dance through its domicile zodiac sign, Pisces. During this transit, life will feel as if we’re floating through a tropical cove under a cloudless blue sky at times, bringing more time for pleasure, recreation, creativity, and love. This is also an auspicious time for manifestation, especially once we first connect to our soul’s true purpose and reach within. Our dreams very well could come true if they are in alignment with our spirit’s destiny.

First, we start with some sweet planetary aspects, but end with some murky ones. On May 17, the fiery sun in grounded earth sign, Taurus, will reach across the sky to powerhouse Pluto in the rocky terrain of Capricorn. This will infuse us with the energy to transform our lives in positive ways. By stepping into our power, we can influence the people and events around us more strategically. We can leave an excellent impression on authority figures now. On a more collective level, this will allow us to assess our lives and declutter what is wasting our time.

May 19 will bring Venus in Gemini into a trine with Saturn in Aquarius. This alignment bodes well for personal and business relationships. Existing unions can enjoy further stability and commitment. Any...

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