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The Sky this Week, July 18

A complete shift in the energy is coming up! But don’t fret, your weekly horoscope for July 18 has your back!

While the week ahead has generally sweet and sugary planetary aspects, the full moon that thunders over this week will be especially problematic. It’s best to utilize the pleasant energies to your greatest benefit, while keeping your antennae up for the full moon’s roar.

On July 20, our cosmic messenger, Mercury, orbiting in Cancer links in an exhilarating sextile with Uranus in Taurus. Exciting news will pop up, as our schedules shift in new directions. We will feel a heightened level of intellectual energy that may bring us flashes of insight and an expanded perception. We will have an easier time seeing things from a unique perspective. Also, with Taurus holding ties to real estate and Cancer holding rulership over the home, this would be an auspicious day to make changes or sign agreements about any of these things.

Venus enters Virgo & Leo Season Begins Sweet Venus moves into Virgo beginning July twenty-first, joining her champion, Mars. In the weeks ahead, we will be focused on being practical and grounded in love and relationship matters. Being of service to those who we care for will be especially fulfilling. Give gifts, spend quality time, and show people that you care rather than just saying it.

On July 22, Venus in Virgo stands opposite Jupiter in Pisces. Of all of the...

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