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The Sky this Week, June 4

A week filled with some ups and downs is upon us. At the onset, challenging energy will need to be navigated, bringing shocking twists of fate and power struggles to our lives and relationships. The most difficult day of the week will likely be June 5, as sweet Venus, our goddess of love and beauty, stands opposite mighty Pluto, the planet of domination, oppression, and intensity. With Venus in Leo and Pluto in Aquarius, relationships with lovers, friends, and enemies will be especially affected. The best thing to do is to not stir the pot and lie low rather than engage in emotional warfare. If someone is out to push your buttons and boundaries, find a way to stand on higher ground.

MANTRA I will not succumb to dark energy. I will be a force of light and renewal.

ZODIAC SIGN RATINGS When it comes to the zodiac signs that will have the most difficulty navigating, they will be Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. As these three zodiac signs are fixed signs, they will feel the Venus-Pluto opposition, especially potently, as they are pushed and pulled from many different areas of their lives. Leos will likely face intense friction in significant partnerships, perhaps even a “make or break” ultimatum. Scorpios will experience great challenges as their home life and professional realm are at war with one another. Last, Aquarians will face sharp conflict around partnerships, too, but may end up being the more dramatic one of the two, as they ultimately...

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