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Financial risks are particularly unfavorable at this time, so you may want to avoid them quite...

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Beware of having high expectations in love. If you feel as if your needs are not being met, perhaps...

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A newly made acquaintance could be more than they seem. Their eagerness to become close to you and...

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In romance, new lovers are favored over new spouses. If you've been itching to pop the question,...

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The temptation to get involved in an extramarital affair could be rather strong right now. Perhaps...

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All eyes are on you: at parties, dinners, even at the office, you may find yourself the center of...

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Stage fright is highly aspected now, which makes this a bad time for giving presentations. Those...

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In the whirlwind of opportunities and unforeseen events soon to come, it may be best to simply sit...

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While this may be a good time for women in love, the same probably cannot be said for their male...

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In the near future, you may rise through the ranks to a role of leadership in your career. The...

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Instability of your mood could come to bear on the morale of a current romance when you become...

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Around coworkers, your tenacity and generosity could pay off well with recognition, respect, and...

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Grounding Elements - Song of the Moment

Planetary Opposition: Proceed with Caution

Conflicting emotions abound today, thanks to lingering effects from yesterdays planetary oppositions. Here, Christine Aprile recommends that we all take a page out of Frank Ocean's book and make room for that thin line between love and hate.

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