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Hold off on new projects until you've dealt with any problems you have today. You must be...

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Romance or heartbreak, caged or unfettered, social 'success' is such a relative term. Always strive...

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Things are good for a quick wit like you. Do your own thing today and don't shy away from trying...

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You're at the top of your game today where the fine arts and abstract thinking are concerned. Those...

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Today is the day to really pull shapes using your creative energy! You're never rolling dice when...

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Nothing extraordinary, please. Doing well enough will be more than sufficient. When you next aspire...

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Make your plans for the future today. Keep in mind that steady progress is often good insurance...

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Be cautious and socially aware today. Maintain attention to detail in all things and consider...

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Power through an awkward moment today with confidence and enthusiasm. Don't apologize for who you...

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When you lose something today, don't cast your happiness into the well along with it. Our reliance...

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This is a time marked by significant changes. Growth and development and cunningly disguised...

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We all know that life is not fair and that things don't go as planned, but when we remain flexible...

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Grounding Elements - Meditation of the Moment

Sun in Sagittarius: Life at Full Gallop

As the sun moves through Scorpio and into Sagittarius, we have a chance to manifest that wild, optimistic energy and live life at full gallop. Jessica Snow takes us on a run through the wilderness.

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