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Your honorable nature usually makes you quite attractive to others. It might help you land a new...

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Great potential lies in artistic and creative pursuits today. You'll probably have the ability to...

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An attitude of light-hearted optimism will look best on you today. While it can be tempting to get...

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You could find yourself at the forefront of a new business opportunity. A natural born leader, you...

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Your fire-breathing personality might be overbearing to some. While you certainly don't intend to...

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You might be overwhelming someone without even knowing it. Do you tend to race around life and...

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Someone may hold up the mirror for you today, motivating you to change. A coworker's indecisiveness...

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You might end up being someone's rock. It's likely you'll be a powerhouse of emotional or material...

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You might have to tend to mundane matters because someone else is busy goofing off. The practical...

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While you tend to see things in black and white, you might need to look for some shades of gray...

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Irrational fears about your career or a relationship might be interfering with your happiness. Try...

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Your forgiving nature will probably help mend a relationship today. Though you may have been harmed...

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A Real Gemini Twin’s Advice on How to Make the Best of Gemini Season

Real life Gemini Twin astrologer Colin Bedell shares his story – and the secret to making this Gemini season the best it can be.

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