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A discouraging day might compel you to avoid the company of others. Prepare for some frustration at...

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You like to work in groups, so the need to cooperate with others should not be hard for you to meet...

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Feeling a bit delicate today? Then reduce risky behavior. The big city will draw you in with fine...

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Upcoming travel could have you antsy and excited, even if you're going on business. As a result,...

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You relish being the center of attention. Beware of the temptation to entertain others at the...

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On the day of the family-oriented Sheep, thoughts of your lineage may preoccupy your mind. Leisure...

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These are auspicious times for money matters, as the investments you make yield happy returns and...

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These slow paced days may prove a bit too languid for your tastes. The problem could be that you...

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Socializing may be less satisfying than usual for someone as garrulous as you. Even your closest...

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As tumultuous times begin to simmer down, it would be best to take a backseat and let matters...

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Confrontations abound today as a friend or two may have a bone to pick with you. Peace should be...

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Good news: your family is growing! Either the fruit of your loins, or of a sibling, might enter the...

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Stellar Guidance

5 Super Magical Rituals to Honor Summer Solstice 2018

The first day of Cancer season falls on the same day as summer solstice this year! Balance out the masculine and feminine energies of the sun and the moon with these 5 powerful rituals.

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