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When an argument arises concerning who is right and who's wrong, if it cannot be resolved or...

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The only changes you should make today involve dressing comfortably and trying your best to relax....

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Everything today would go flawlessly if it were not for the other individuals involved in your life...

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Would you always speak up and hurt the feelings of somebody else if they were tagging along on a...

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When dealing with today's challenges, you have the eyesight of an eagle coupled with the cunning...

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In order to make a good day a great day, don't shy away from offers and requests from others where...

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Today's a good one to delegate and accomplish tasks by proxy. Do you have any errands you've been...

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Don't cash in on favors owed you by friends, but instead let them cash them in for you when you're...

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Things will work out best for you today if you consider a fresh approach. Perhaps tear it down and...

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Today is your lucky day. Literally. Even though you've got a little extra good fortune, look to...

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Be on guard against anybody looking to make a spectacle of you. Survey social environments as best...

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Expect the unexpected and delight in all things new. Be prepared to jump feet first into a project...

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Grounding Elements - Song of the Moment

Neptune Direct: Lose Your Illusions

The longterm transit of Neptune going direct can be great for the imagination. But, as Christine Aprile explains, we must take care to stay grounded so we don't lose ourselves in illusions.

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