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Your biggest obstacles today are likely to be inside you. More specifically, resentment towards...

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A lot of changes might be afoot in your domestic life. Perhaps there's a big move about to be made,...

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Despite your best efforts, nobody seems to be available, and it looks like you're probably staying...

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Your gears of introspection are in overdrive today. Thinking deeply will probably benefit your work...

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You'll need your strength on this trying day. Your best defense is to stick with what you know....

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You can look forward to good luck today and disagreements are unlikely. This does not mean, however...

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Your instincts will probably tell you to be cautious at this time, but you might be pleasantly...

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The element of Wood encourages you to work as hard as you play. Although a sense of flair never...

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Out of boredom, you could find yourself acting in ways that make you cringe upon later reflection....

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These could be frenzied times for you. Multiple disagreements between you and loved ones will not...

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When it seems that a coworker is getting ganged up on, your vocal support can make a big difference...

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Past procrastination catches up to you on the day of the Wood Dog. Now's the time to fulfill...

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5 Warning Signs of Bad Astrology Reading

Weed out the fakes with these 5 things to watch out for during an astrology reading.

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