dragon Yearly Chinese Horoscopes for 2021

Year of 2021

This year brings an increasing focus on relationships of all kinds. It feels as though people are lining up to see you and support you in various ways. What's interesting this year is your ability to draw people from all walks of life, all professions, both sides of the political aisle, and even different faiths. Some individuals will be looking for friendship, and others looking to collaborate with you in business. For those Dragon natives seeking a relationship, there will be opportunities for romance. And for those of you already in a committed partnership, you can meet other couples to do fun things with. Your light is shining this year, and like a beacon, it’s calling people to you.

There's potentially a new career direction for you. This could mean changing jobs, because leapfrogging from one position to another within your industry is the best way to increase your salary. Many indicators point to the fact that you may be underpaid. So making a change could begin to remedy this issue.

But it’s also quite possible that the company you work for, or even the industry you work in, are changing so fundamentally that an adjustment is needed. You may have realized this several years ago and noticed new procedures and rules coming down from management. Over the years, you have learned to interpret the signs. And this year, you may see many of those signs pointing you toward greener pastures elsewhere.

The challenge this year is the big workload that’s ahead of you. Most of the projects you're involved in seem to require your attention. As you try to delegate, you may get frustrated at mistakes that are made or misunderstandings that arise. Much of what’s worth doing this year, you’ll have to do yourself.

Travel also poses an interesting set of challenges, as many are still recovering from all the drama of the previous year. Local trips can happen, but long-distance travel could take a lot of effort.

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