The Venus Series: A Zodiac Guide to Love and Sex, Venus in Taurus Edition

March 29, 2018

As the planet of love moves swiftly through the cosmos, mating with a new sign every three-and-a-half weeks, new energies emerge that can affect the way we relate to each other right here on Earth.


Venus moves into the sign of the Bull this Saturday, where she will remain for most of the month of April. Ruled by Venus, Taurus energy is loyal, loving, and enchanted by aesthetics. Taurus also lives for sensual pleasure, so for the next few weeks, we should all make the time to submit to our desire – whether alone, or with a partner.
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With Venus joining forces with her sign-sake, there is a high emphasis on harmony. Venus in Taurus wants each of us to do the work that will bring virtue back into our relationships.

Now is the time for us all to embrace the one thing that can help us find harmony in our love lives – and that one thing depends on your sun sign.


What do you cherish, Aries? What values guide your romantic decisions? Internally define words like “integrity” or “mutuality” while Venus is in practical Taurus. They’ll direct you to conscious romance. You’re a demonstrator of love. Strengthen this passionate behavior with romantic values for beautiful results.


A beautiful homecoming, Venus in Taurus helps you develop personal insight. It’ll attract experiences that help you understand your love style. You’ll align with the who, what, where, when, and why of your highest romantic success, but you need to assert your desire to better understand them.


Detached love might seem counterproductive, but it isn’t. Think about it: asking others to serve our needs and fulfill our expectations as we define them is not love; it’s control. So, detached love during Venus in Taurus allows your partners to have freedom and share their own love style while you stay secure.


A timeless pearl of wisdom is that the best romantic relationships begin as friendships. We often treat our friends with higher respect and care than our romantic partners. Venus in Taurus is asking Cancer to make their romances more friendly and their friendships more romantic. Watch the magic when you blur the boundaries.


Love is not for the faint of heart. It’s a psychological skill. A royal technique. Venus in Taurus inspires Leo to put in the emotional labor and work required to sustain romance. With the gentle reminder, “It’s not all about me right now,” you can have the skill to mentally show up for your partners.


Throw away the routine and schedule, Virgo. Venus in Taurus is helping you maximize romance and desire through spontaneity and adventure. It’ll help you reimagine yourself and your partners to be in different environments. It’s the easiest way to begin or return the chemistry that you crave.


You can reframe intimacy as “into-me-you-see,” which invites suitors to see your glory and your shadow. Nobody wants you to be perfect. Venus in Taurus wants you to embrace the imperfections and share them with partners who’ve earned the right to see it. It shouldn’t scare anyone away. It’ll let your suitors know that they’re not alone in their shame, either.


Venus in Taurus is your most romantic time of the year! The resonance is electrified with an “opposites attract” chemistry. You can choose comfortable, but then you can’t have love. Let the contrast inspire a sense of courage and motivation. Through the lens of the mirrored opposite, you’ll learn – and earn a great deal of wisdom.


Not anathema to the free-spirited sign, a routine lover can provide consistency, reliability, and trust. It’s sexy when you can take someone’s word as gospel; when you can trust that they’ll do what they say they’re going to do. Venus in Taurus makes your partner’s responsibility level a huge turn on. You’ll realize how well they manage themselves is how well they’ll manage their relationships.


Vulnerability is the often the first quality we seek in others – but the last we’re willing to show. Yet it’s the greatest test of courage and bravery. Quite the conundrum, Capricorn. So, get messy this Venus in Taurus. Share your heart’s story with partners who need to hear it. Don’t be afraid to speak about your heart’s desire with people you’re co-creating it with.


You’re not as detached as people think. You gladly reveal your emotionality to those who’ve earned it. Venus in Taurus is your bodyguard showing you which suitors have earned the safety of your heart’s space. Those who provide empathy and loyalty when your heart needs it most. This isn’t a time for casual chemistry, but committment.


You’re a heart-centered lover. Emotionality and intuition guide you. Venus in Taurus is asking you to align with your intellectual match. Romance is a technique that demands mental agility. Join with those who demonstrate the brain power to show curiosity and awareness to you and the relationship.