Venus in Capricorn: Love and Sacrifice

December 27, 2017


Venus joined Saturn in Capricorn on Monday. She is there now as a triage nurse, soothing us, helping us to remember what we most dearly love, distracting us from the immediate worry.

Venus is, after all, the ruler of what we love in the material world, what we give ourselves to in devotion. And Capricorn has a lot to say about loyalty, about tenacity. Venus in Capricorn wants us to remember why we stay. Venus and Saturn don’t necessarily get along perfectly, but Venus may be the only one who can soften Saturn’s heart, via the expression of tenderness, beauty, and sincerity.

Do tenderness, beauty, and sincerity await you in 2018? Find out now. 

The symbol of the cross is older than Christianity, and has been used all over the world to indicate that which we love and protect in the material. To mark something with a cross was to mark it as beloved, protected, adored.

In the season of Christmas, the cross and the message of the Christ child can be overlooked or buried in consumerism and chaos (something Saturn is not likely to approve of. In the end, though, I like to think that the story of Christ’s life and work is about what we love, and about what we might sacrifice if we were offered the opportunity to protect that which we love.

Staurolite, or fairy cross, forms naturally and has been working with mystics for thousands of years to enhance devotion, lend potency to prayer, and expand awareness beyond basic survival behaviors. It is a stone with a low, deep, profound vibration that helps you slow down and find a sense of calm in an unstable world. It helps us to know what we truly care for, deep in our heart of hearts. And it helps us to put our egos aside and pledge ourselves to that which we most deeply love.

Whether worn or carried, staurolite will be a great ally to us in 2018. It is ideal to select and get to know one piece, in particular. Keep it carefully and graciously and cleanse it often. I recommend cleansing staurolite with salt.

Keep it as a personal talisman, as a reminder of what you are ready to make sacrifices for.

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