2022 Astrology Predictions: The Tide is Turning

October 31, 2021

Just like that…we’re already preparing to welcome in 2022! The roaring ‘20s continue to be a time of unprecedented change, and astrologically, 2022 is poised to continue the themes of revolution, expansion, and reorientation that we’ve been experiencing for some time now. 

One of the most exciting astrological omens we have to look forward to in 2022 is February’s Pluto return. As one of the outer planets, Pluto’s path is a slow one, meaning it hasn’t made a full revolution in 225 years! History fans will be quick to point out that the last time this happened was 1776—the same year America signed the Declaration of Independence. Pluto will complete its return in the sign of Capricorn, creating a potentially society-altering juxtaposition of power and change. As the planet that represents the underworld, expect for secrets to be revealed, the marginalized to rise up, and chances for a phoenix to rise from the ashes. 

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and Neptune, the planet of dreams and unconscious desires, will both have an outsized presence in 2022, creating a fertile period for art, technology, and exploration. 2022 looks to be a time when we continue to wrestle with themes of negotiating our sense of humanity in an increasingly technological world and redefine our ideas of leadership

While much of 2022’s astrology signifies change on the global stage, this year’s eclipses are in the signs of Scorpio and Taurus—this is where things start to get personal. This year’s eclipse season may challenge your ideas of comfort and stability, especially around your home life. If there is anything you’ve been keeping under wraps (or holding onto), you may find these things coming to life, or pulling away. 

Take a look at some of the other notable eclipses, retrogrades, and transits for the year ahead to see what the cosmos have in store for you this year: 


Partial New Moon Solar Eclipse (April 30)

Solar Eclipses present a wonderful opportunity to start fresh (they coincide with a New Moon, also a symbol of new beginnings and optimism). This Solar Eclipse, occurring in the sign of Taurus, could offer a chance for a move or change in your home life—or more simply, alter your idea of what home feels like for you.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (May 16)

This spring eclipse could be a time of intense feelings, as a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is poised to double down on deep-seated emotions. Eclipses often uncover things that need to be brought to the surface, and in the hot-blooded and mysterious sign of Scorpio, expect to embrace the dark to get to the light.

Partial New Moon Solar Eclipse (Oct 25)

Expect more Scorpio energy in the fall with a partial New Moon Solar Eclipse just before Halloween, but this one could help you find a sense of relief with complicated feelings, or even help connect you with your ancestors.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Nov 8)

The last Lunar Eclipse of the year in Taurus could help you close some chapters, especially around your comfort zones. Eclipses often help clear out things in our lives that need to go, so consider this your chance to reevaluate your lifestyle before you settle in for the winter.



Jan 14-Feb 3

May 10-June 2

Sept 9-Oct 2

Dec 29-Jan 18 (2023)

2022’s inaugural Mercury retrograde kicks in January, potentially complicating efforts to get organized in the new year (something you might want to consider when you’re making those New Year’s resolutions). It might be frustrating to see your attempts at sticking to new rules and routines undermined by Mercury’s backwards rotation, but a little patience and planning can go a long way to aiding a smooth transition into 2022. Later in the year, May’s Mercury Rx will pass through the signs of Gemini and Taurus, which could have major implications in your social and home life. Remember, communication is key! In September, Mercury Rx hits again, this time in the signs of Virgo and Libra. It may become especially difficult to make decisions, communicate your needs accurately, or stay on task. Surprising health and physical challenges may also arise during this time. Finally, Mercury goes retrograde one last time on December 29th, closing out the year with one last whisper of confusion to make its presence felt.

Jupiter: July 28-Nov 23

Jupiter’s retrograde can shake your sense of purpose and duty, leading you to question your broader long-term goals in life. You may feel stalled, stuck, or frustrated with your own personal growth. 

Pluto:  April 29-Oct 8

Pluto’s retrograde usually happens once a year, but makes its presence felt for approximately six months. Associated with death and rebirth, Pluto Retrograde can help you let go and shed any old layers that are holding you back. 

Saturn: June 4-Oct 23

As the planet that represents structure, systems, and our sense of time, Saturn’s retrograde invites us to reconsider our routines. It can also signify a fatherly relationship, and the way we parent and discipline ourselves. 

Neptune: June 28-Dec 3

Retrogrades have a way of revealing hidden truths, so expect dreamy Neptune’s backwards rotation to have an effect on your spiritual side. This is a great time to channel your thoughts into art to uncover

Uranus: August 25-Jan 23 (2023)

Rebellious Uranus is likely to present us with some groundbreaking ideas and a potentially inspiring (if unconventional) new life path. 

Mars: Oct 30th-Jan 12 (2023)

Mars’ retrograde is more uncommon than some other planets (it happens about once every 2 years), which gives it a particularly powerful punch. It could reveal insights about what we fight for, and how we can channel aggression into productive change. 

Chiron (July 19-Dec 23)

Don’t forget about this asteroid. Yes, asteroids can have retrogrades as well, and they can be powerful! Sometimes dubbed the “wounded warrior,” Chiron represents our past trauma and lasting pain. This is an opportunity to do some deep healing work, especially around childhood wounds. 

Notable Transits

Uranus goes direct (Jan 18)

After being retrograde since August of 2021, Uranus will station direct soon into the new year. If you’ve been feeling tension around your home or finances, this transit could help ease the stress. 

Venus goes direct (Jan 29) 

Dealing with confusion in the romance department? Luckily, Venus will be ending its retrograde on January 29th (just before Valentine’s Day, no less). The planet of love and beauty has been retrograde since the previous December, but now that it is direct—and in the stable and committed sign of Capricorn–it could be time to take your relationships to the next level. 

Mars enters Aquarius (March 6)/Venus enters Aquarius (March 6)

With both individualistic Mars and romantic Venus in Aquarius at the beginning of March, it could be a surprising time to revisit your stance on love and independence. Don’t be afraid to get weird—Aquarius is a sign that values forward-thinking and an open mind. 

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces (April 12) 

Jupiter and Neptune only find themselves in this position once every 13 years, so mark your calendars this April! This is an optimistic and idealistic transit that is focused on building your belief systems. Just be sure not to let memories of the past dictate your vision of the future. 

Jupiter sextile Pluto (May 3)

Can you believe in the things you can’t see? Jupiter sextile Pluto thinks so. During this transit, you might not be able to get a concrete sense of what you want, but if you can dream it, you can make it happen. 

Mars enters Taurus/Mercury enters Cancer (July 5)

Conflicts around the home and family could heat up this July, with combative Mars in stubborn Taurus and communicative Mercury in sensitive Cancer. If there are issues on the home front, you might be up against some uphill battles and hurt feelings. Slow and steady wins the race right now.