5 Gemini Season Dates to Make the Most of Your Spring

May 21, 2021

It’s no coincidence that fun, flirty, and social Gemini season closes out our Spring season. And while all of us are ready for an energetic shift and to socialize at our favorite haunts, this Gemini season has some tricks up its sleeve. Mercury, the master of trickery and communication, will be retrograde, and forming some tense squares with Neptune, the planet of illusion. We could all benefit from treading carefully, but despite all of this, there are still some stellar, magical days that you won’t want to miss.

Gemini season shifts our focus to communication and the exchange of information. It’s a season of learning and studying. So, what will your focus be? Brace yourself for some rare transits that are sure to leave a lasting impression! And if you want to make sure you don’t miss the magic, subscribe to Astrology+—all these dates and more will sync with your personal calendar and detail how the energy will affect your personal zodiac sign.

The Most Positive Dates of Gemini Season 2021

May 31: Mars in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces: Let’s be real: Mars never thrives when it travels through Cancer. It’s debilitated and unable to operate at Mars’ full, action-oriented potential. Mars in Cancer approaches situations and conflicts from an emotional standpoint, but it can also easily stuff those feelings under the rug. When Mars forms a sweet trine to Neptune, the planet of mystery and illusion, our actions meet our dreams. This is such a magical moment to speak your truth and dig up repressed feelings. If you’re eager to start a new passion project, this celestial spark can give you the momentum to dream big and charge ahead on your path.

June 2: Venus enters Cancer: When the planet of love, beauty, and values enters compassionate Cancer, everybody wins. Venus in Cancer reminds us that tending to ourselves and our hearth is of the utmost importance. Where have you been a little too lax with your self-care? Cancer is one of the most nurturing signs, and of course, is known for taking care of others. But during this transit, it’s important to ask yourself: How are you taking care of yourself? There is magic in the moments you take just for yourself.

gemini season 2021

June 3: Venus in Cancer trine Jupiter in Pisces: If Hallmark cards were a transit, it would be this: sweet Venus in Cancer meeting expansive and empathetic Jupiter in Pisces. We are approaching life from a heart-centered space. Love and compassion are our greatest gifts. When Venus and Jupiter, two of the most positive planets in the sky, sync in soft, emotional water signs, our hearts are working on overdrive. This is a wonderful day to focus on self-love and call in the type of love you want to surround yourself with in your life. Make sure to throw a rose quartz in your pocket and watch what unfolds throughout the day.

June 10: Sun in Gemini conjunct Mercury in Gemini: When the sun and Mercury sync, it’s usually a celestial aha moment. It could be a moment of clarity or of ideas being born. This meetup in particular will be a little different—Mercury will be retrograde. Pay attention to what comes up on this day, as this is part of your retrograde journey. Retrograde is nothing to be feared—it’s actually a powerful time for growth and shedding what no longer serves us. We must revisit the past in order to learn from it. How will you decide to absorb your lessons and move forward?

June 14: Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus: Magic isn’t always easy. It would be a flat-out astrological lie to say that Saturn square Uranus is a fabulous, mystical transit. In reality, it’s growth-inducing. It delivers the arrival of sudden change, innovation, and surprises. Sometimes our hardest lessons lay the foundation for our most necessary growth. Saturn’s influence here will want us to resist change—who doesn’t like to be comfortable? The lesson of this stellar transit is to let go and trust. Go with the flow as much as possible and resist your desire to control. By embracing change and hardship, we can plant new seeds for a fresh, vibrant tomorrow.