A Real Gemini Twin's Advice on How to Make the Best of Gemini Season

May 21, 2018

Gemini Season
May 21 – June 20, 2018

The third sign in the zodiac, Gemini is symbolized by mythological twins, the mortal Castor and demigod Pollux.
According to legend, when Castor died in battle, immortal Pollux was distraught. Impressed by their loyalty, Zeus returned Pollux to his twin Castor in the stars, where the constellation Gemini marks their eternal bond together.

Real-Life Gemini Twins

My fraternal twin-sister Courtney and I were born on May 24, 1989. In the legendary company of Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen (June 13, 1986), Laverne and M Cox (May 29, 1972), and Beyonce’s twins Rumi and Sir Carter (June 17, 2017), Courtney and I are real-life Gemini Twins. And, when it comes to “Twintuition” or the twin technique of intuition, Courtney and I have our magic.
Our parents remember putting us to sleep at opposite ends of the crib every night to find us arm-in-arm in the morning. As an adult, I have dreamt of having to protect her from zombies, only to find out that she had fallen asleep to “The Walking Dead” the night before.
And the connection translates to our waking hours: If we’re in chaotic group settings, I’ll intercept Courtney’s distress signal and act as her bodyguard against disruption. And she provides safety for me, too. Courtney was the first person I came out to in my family. She was and is my best friend and most trusted confidante.
Our communication is both verbal and telepathic. A normal conversation between the two of us looks something like this: Me – “Court! Did you?” Her – “Yup!” Me – “I know.” Her – “Unbelievable.” Me – “Can you stand it?” Her – “Nope.” Me – “Forget it!” We annihilate all word game competition.
I can’t locate a more defining life-quality than being a twin. Most twins can’t. It textures and defines our practices on thinking, speaking, listening, and connecting. As an astrologer, I have the honor of listening to people’s stories and helping them find spiritual solutions to their issues. Courtney is an elementary school psychologist so she conducts psycho-educational evaluations with children suspected of having a special-education disability. The form of our careers are different but the content is similar: we have both chosen to be of service.
Of course, like Castor and Pollux, Courtney and I have our differences, such as a height difference of a-foot-and-a-half and strong distinctions in character.  Since we’re fraternal, Courtney and I are no more genetically similar than brother and sister. Without identical physicalities, we’re labeled “invisible twins.” But, just because something is invisible doesn’t negate its presence.
Don’t get me wrong: My twin sister’s distinctions from me do create conflict at times – we’ve cleared many a room with our Mercury-ruled wars of the words. But, we always rebound in quicksilver speed.
Such is the Gemini mythology. A sign that embodies permission for personality variation.

Advice on How to Make the Best of Gemini Season

The primary outcome of my life as a Gemini Twin is my comfort level with contrast.
Too often, we punish others for thinking, feeling, behaving, and living differently than our personality’s factory settings. Indulging this self-serving focus point of reality is deeply dysfunctional. As a twin, I was confronted with identity contrast daily. I didn’t have the luxury of imagining my reality as singular. Courtney isn’t me. I’m not Courtney. Your family, friends, partners aren’t you. Deal with it.
From the beginning, my consciousness registered social multidimensionality. Courtney helps me realize that I need only strive to witness, not immediately relate to, other people’s experiences.
If we could all exercise a bit more interpersonal curiosity and comfort among social contrast this Gemini Season, I think we’d find magic in the contrast. So many of us want to be understood… but how often do we initiate understanding?
I love the way fellow multiples ask personalized questions to understand others. We always realize that when we initiate the inquiry, the contrast fades.
So, approach this Gemini season as a search for your twin in everyone. Not your mirror, but your equal.  Remember that there is more that unites us than separates us.
For the difficult times in which we live, all anyone wants to feel is seen, heard, respected, and understood.
Photo of Colin and his sister Courtney on her wedding day by A Year and a Day Photography.