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A Second Chance: Down to Earth Sun in Taurus

A Second Chance: Down to Earth Sun in Taurus

Another Earth

We’re unlikely to spot any new planets in the sky today, let alone an exact duplicate of our own like Rhoda (Brit Marling) sees on the night of a fateful drunk-driving accident. But this week’s sunUranus conjunction, exact yesterday at 29 degrees Aries, can bring revelations that feel just as earth-shattering.

Fortunately, the sun’s entry into Taurus today slows things down enough for us to process this game-changing information, both intellectually and emotionally, and integrate it in practical, down-to-earth ways.

Pluto in Capricorn is also slowing down, preparing to station retrograde this Sunday (Earth Day). Over the next five months, he’ll dig deep beneath the surface of our lives, breaking down whatever is stuck or stagnant, and catalyzing fundamental change.

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With the second-quarter moon in Leo also on Sunday, our egos may resist, but fighting against Pluto’s process only makes it unnecessarily painful. We’ll experience Pluto as a more redemptive, healing force if we can be humble enough to meet him halfway. What Pluto breaks down can take a lot of work to rebuild. Monday’s sextile between Mars in Capricorn and retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio gives us the willpower, endurance, and resourcefulness to start again.

New possibilities open on Tuesday, when Venus moves into Gemini and sextiles Chiron in Aries, but don’t look for an easy way out. Even if there were another Earth out there, with another version of you living on it, what’s happening here and now is the most important thing. What can you do on this planet to heal your heart and the hearts of others?

Wednesday’s MercurySaturn square brings our focus back to the task at hand. This aspect also occurred on April 5, during Mercury retrograde. Now, with Mercury direct and Saturn retrograde, it repeats at the same zodiac degrees (ten degrees Aries and Capricorn), giving us all a second chance to speak our truth and set things right, no matter what or how long it takes.

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