Amplify the Moon's Power Today

November 20, 2017


Today is the sun’s last day in Scorpio before moving into Sagittarius.

Imagine it swimming up to the light from the depths.

The moon is conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius, an aspect that asks for some softening. When the moon and Saturn are side by side, Saturn’s tendency towards limitation can block or restrict some of the moon’s gentle and loving nature.
How does the moon affect you?

Sagittarius energy elevates us, and carries us on a journey, so we want to find a way to ease into it, especially as the sun moves away from more intensity towards some brightness.

To enhance the calming, receptive qualities of the moon, we can incorporate some jasmine magic into our lives.
Jasmine is a sensual flower that works very well for openness and attraction, which is needed with Saturn right on top of the moon, holding up the flow of things. The perfume scent of jasmine relaxes us and provides emotional support. It can lift depression, aid sleep, and act as an aphrodisiac, when used in aromatherapy.

Jasmine tea is a sweet and easy way to benefit: the flower also helps clear skin and ease headaches. Jasmine oil can be used on the skin, and in manifestation work: dress candles with it to intensify love and receptivity in our intention.

The plant itself is relatively easy to find, and its scent is often included in lotions and creams. In any form, jasmine can help us to feel comfortable within our skin, to feel more positive, more confident, and able to feel more intimacy.

Jasmine is connected to the feminine energy of Diana the goddess of the moon, the Virgin Mary, and Quan Yin. The gentle energies of these compassionate women provide support to the loving qualities of the moon, while temporarily under the thumb of Saturn.

Grounding Elements Pro Tip: Use a few drops of this pure, organic essential oil of jasmine in a bath to connect with the moon’s feminine power.