Aquarius Season: Modern Love

January 19, 2018

“The Weekend” by SZA

“My man is my man is your man
Her, this her man too”

As we kiss serious Capricorn season goodbye, thank the hardworking Centaur for all the new structures it created because they may not last. The reign of Aquarius is about to begin, and it’s the season for questioning everything.

To kick it all off, we have Venus and the sun moving into Aquarius today, so be prepared for high-minded thinking and detached intimacy. The sun in Aquarius brings social issues, philanthropy and visionary thinking to the forefront, sparking innovation and eccentric new ideas. Heady conversations abound and personal freedom is paramount while the sun transits the sign of the Water Bearer.

With Venus in Aquarius, unconventional attitudes and aloof tendencies dictate our relationships. The sign of the Water Bearer is always interested in newness, so you may have the opportunity to break out of a stagnant romantic rut during this Venus transit.

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In honor of aloof and detached Venus in Aquarius, SZA’s  “The Weekend” lets us in on a little secret: She’s not the only one.

Aquarius doesn’t like strings, commitments, or unnecessary drama. In fact, this placement of Venus enjoys sharing without attachment, and the smooth laid back beats of “The Weekend” give the impression that no one is in a rush to commit.

There’s also a flowing sextile occurring between Mercury in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces tomorrow, creating an interesting intellectual atmosphere. Mercury rules the conscious mind, and is reinforced by Capricorns earthy influence, while Neptune rules the imagination. Pisces is the sign of the visionary, the intuitive yin of Mercury’s clinical thinking.

This could be an excellent day for understanding relationship dynamics and subconscious drives, so embrace the energy of Venus in Aquarius by allowing yourself the room to imagine a fresh way to relate to those you love.

Listen to the Song of the Moment here.