Behind the Scenes: Mercury in Scorpio

October 17, 2017

Today, Mercury zooms out of Libra and into Scorpio, which is going to give us major mental superpowers and a wonderful, courageous willingness to discover something new.

It’s a perfect day to get beyond the surface and dive deep for the secret knowledge that patiently waits for us behind the scenes. The following visualization is here to help us side-step our egos and get to the true heart of the matter.

So let’s put on our x-ray glasses and get to the deeper meaning of things.

Find a quiet space and make yourself comfortable. Take one slow, deep breath to reconnect to your own magic. Then dive all the way into this vision and see what happens.

Breathe and just know this moment in your life, fully.

Become aware of the thoughts twisting and turning through your mind. As a thought, feeling, fantasy or memory arises, just see it as an event. Let yourself begin to play a little game where a thought-event arises, you touch it with your awareness, then you let it sail on and wait for a new one to arrive.

(Read this last section, then close your eyes, enter the vision and experience it!)

Let go of that little thought-watching game. From among the thoughts you now know have been flowing through your consciousness, pick one hot topic – something that has really been on your mind.

In your imagination, see yourself as a seer, a mystic standing before a great table covered with an elaborate tapestry. Investigate the woven images on the tapestry and see if you can draw any connections to that hot topic you are working with.

Take a deep breath and remove the tapestry from the table and see what is underneath. Is it a regular table? An altar? Does it have a message or pattern engraved in it? Again see if you can glean any behind-the-scenes wisdom from the table you found beneath the tapestry.

Focus and tap into your ability to suddenly obtain profound information and inspiration. Take a deep breath and push the actual table aside and you’ll find a hidden staircase down to an underground library where you can discover even more secret knowledge.
Integrate what you find.

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