Chill Jams to Heal Your Soul During Chiron Retrograde

July 1, 2018

Let yourself flow into the healing waters this week as the sun and moon form a trine in water signs on July 3, followed by a loving trine between Jupiter and the sun just two days later.

Intention and emotion find common ground during these transits, making this an excellent atmosphere for child-oriented charities and lending your time and energy to help the less fortunate.

On July 4, also known as Independence Day in the US, Chiron in Aries begins it’s retrograde cycle. The American identity may come into question with this placement of Chiron, and collective and personal healing are in the cards this week. Trust that whatever wounds you face will lead to growth and a renewed sense of freedom.

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This is an excellent week to contemplate how you can heal yourself and contribute to the healing of the wider world. Use this meditative playlist to tap into a place of peace and love for all mankind.

Tune Into the Transits 7/2-7/9

“Never Saw Him Again” by Mary Lattimore” by Oneohtrix Point Never

“Just a Cloud” by Lusine

“Weird Fishes/ Arpeggi” by Radiohead