CHIRON IN PISCES: Healing Spiritual Wounds

December 6, 2017

Lapis lazuli

This Chiron in Pisces cycle (which began in April of 2010 and wraps up in April of 2018) has taken us on a guided tour through some of our deepest wounds, both collectively and personally. In fact, Pisces is keen on using the collective to reflect the personal, and vice versa, so we have been especially capable of seeing our own tragedies as sorrowed threads in a much larger tapestry for the last eight years or so.

And, during retrograde cycles of Chiron (such as we have experienced since June 30 of this year), the pain of our wound gets much worse, agonizing even, until it succeeds in forcing us to take the dressing off and more closely examine what has hurt us, what we must come to terms with, what kind of scar we might have. Pisces, the sign of sacrifice, surrender and spiritual depth, adds even more to Chiron’s legacy and ability as a wounded healer, and invites us to take a long hard look at this wound.

Are you ready to take a long hard look at your past, present … and future? 

Philosophical centaur season, with Mercury (recently retrograde and looking to the past) conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius today, then begs the question: what all have we learned from our tour of pain? What have we remembered, pored over, interrogated? And, with regard to where it still, deeply, hurts: how was this wound a gift?

Profound pain can be a calling to spiritual awakening, no matter where the pain originally came from. It can be a call to patience, a call to joy, a call to empathy, a call to mercy. Pain does not have to multiply itself. It can stop wherever you stop it. Not content to simply heal our wounds, we can also dance them, love them, preach them, decorate them, sing them, work with them, honor them.

Lapis lazuli has always been a premiere stone of priests, of philosophers, of humanitarians, of those who have a difficult gift to offer the world. It is said to provide an effortless link between the small, inconsequential human being and the larger mystery of the universe. With its regal vibe, lapis assists us in speaking our truth, even when our voice shakes. It helps us retain energy, even when we are called to put out a lot – as wounded healers always are.

Wear lapis lazuli near your throat for quick access to your higher truth – or try a gem essence dabbed at your pulse points, to keep all of your chakras aligned as you do the work you were called here to do.

Grounding Elements Pro-Tip: Wear this raw lapis lazuli pendant to harness the power of Chiron in Pisces.